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Toyota Crown- A Full Luxury Car Offering Next-Gen Mobility

  1. CROWN 2009 Toyota CROWN

    Price: USD 8,780

  2. CROWN 2005 Toyota CROWN

    Price: USD 3,638

  3. CROWN 2018 Toyota CROWN

    Price: USD 51,592

  4. CROWN 2000 Toyota CROWN

    Price: USD 5,190

  5. CROWN 2013 Toyota CROWN

    Price: USD 20,904

  6. CROWN 2012 Toyota CROWN

    Price: USD 8,457

  7. CROWN 2008 Toyota CROWN

    Price: USD 4,952

  8. CROWN 2007 Toyota CROWN

    Price: USD 3,161

  9. CROWN 2013 Toyota CROWN

    Price: USD 18,752

  10. CROWN 2018 Toyota CROWN

    Price: USD 51,295

Toyota Crown- A Full Luxury Car Offering Next-Gen Mobility

Toyota crown is a living legend as it is the longest-running car with continuous production since 1955. This car is most prominently sold in the domestic market of Japan where it is valued as a luxury sedan. This car is the flagship model of Toyota. One of the astounding facts about this car is that despite being in the market for over six decades, this car is still the second most top-selling Toyota car after Land Cruiser which was introduced four years before. The majority of the Toyota Crown Hybrid reviews are about how the car oozes characteristic coolness.

Toyota Crown Is Redefining Standard When It Comes To Innovation

A car that promises the utmost exquisite body texture and alludes an unpatrolled elegance, the Toyota crown integrates technology and offers a wide range of functionalities that enhance the overall driving experience for everybody. Equipped with e-Care Service and LINE My Car Account this car offers a whole new world of possibilities.

With a platform based on TNGA 2 strategy, Toyota Crown Hybrid optimizes the responsiveness of the car and streamlines a smooth and comfortable ride. Featuring leading-edge safety precautions such as Toyota s safety sense, this car is fully enabled to detect objects even in the dark.

Toyota Crown has been a symbol of creativity ever since its debut in 1955. As shown by TRC*3 in the 8th generation Crown (1987) and ABS in the 9th generation Crown (1991), cutting-edge innovations that are now standard in many vehicles were first introduced in the Crown.

The latest 15th generation Crown is Toyota s first linked vehicle with a regular DCM. Vehicle contact with customers is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, bringing the relationship between cars and people, and even the environment, to a whole new level. The main services that this car focused on were safety, convenience, security, comfort, and maintenance notifications that will be offered to drivers on real-time driving.

The style and vehicle efficiency, such as moving, turning, and stopping of this car was also vastly improved. Training for driving, in particular, took place at Germany s fabled Nürburgring circuit, widely regarded as the world s most difficult race track. Outstanding handling results in sensitive driving efficiency and excellent vehicle stability in a variety of driving conditions and scenarios, including low and high speeds, smooth and rough road surfaces, and a variety of driving conditions and scenarios.

The chief engineer of Toyota Crown stated in an interview: "Working on my passion for early ages has allowed me to work on such a masterpiece that would elaborate the brains and potentials of Japanese.  The unrelenting dedication that went into the production of this car will be expressed through the outclass look and feel of the car."

Main Features of Toyota Crown

One of the main features of this car is connectivity. All crown automobiles are equipped with a T-connect service that is absolutely free of charge for almost three years so that the customers feel valued. With the promise of maximum safety and security, Crown streamlines e-Care and Helpnet services to enhance the driving experience. Even if you re using a used Toyota crown hybrid, you can experience maximum interoperability.

ITS Connect

In the pursuit of safe driving, Toyota Crown uses ITS dedicated frequency of 760MHz. With efficient sensors information is directly shared between the systems of cars and roads. This facilitates safe driving for all by identifying objects seamlessly.

Passable Route Map

In case of any upcoming disasters, alternate route maps will be provided to drivers through the website all day long without any charges. So, if there is any road blockage or natural disaster ahead the driver will be alerted for another route they can take.



The new Crown was built with a proportional low slung nose, a characteristic of front-engine rear-wheel-drive vehicles, and a sleek, elegant profile that flows seamlessly from the roof to the trunk, featuring six side windows, with the aim of creating a sports sedan that combines a bold look with sophisticated elegance.

RS Grades 3 feature a mesh front grille, a front bottom trim design that emphasizes the low center of gravity and provides a wider profile, side skirts that contribute to improved control stability, unique 18-inch aluminum wheels, four exhaust tailpipes, and a rear spoiler, as well as LED sequential turn signals (front and rear) that widely illuminate a wide periphery.


A spacious interior and a moderately sized cockpit build a relaxing environment that helps the driver to concentrate on driving. The high-quality interior and cutting-edge equipment are simplistic yet meticulously crafted, creating a point of distinction while achieving a sophisticated, modern atmosphere. Rich textures and impeccable architecture are used throughout to add to the appeal, enlivening the senses and bringing texture, movement, sound, and attractiveness to the forefront.

A new dual monitor features an 8-inch display set further back for easy visibility even when driving and a 7-inch display set closer to the driver for easier operation.


The standout quality of Toyota crown hybrid is its outstanding security system, Toyota Safety Sense that includes:

  • A safety system that detects pedestrians and bikers in real-time in the day and at night to avoid any damage and collision.
  • A dynamic cruise control feature that automated the speed according to the car in front of you.
  • Advanced assistance technology that controls the steering allows the driver to stay in their lanes.
  • Automatic and adaptive high beam features that can alter between high and low automatically so as to not blond the incoming vehicles.
  • Road Sign Assisting feature that detects the road signs so the driver doesn t miss any sign while driving.
  • Parking brakes that detect stationary objects and vehicles approaching from the rear.

Toyota s Crown Hybrid Price is justified by its high-class engine, motor, fuel consumption, and battery. The main specification of its turbo engines are:

  • Model: 8AR-FTS
  • Displacement (liters): 1.998
  • Maximum Output (kW [PS]/rpm): 180 [245]/5,200-5,800
  • Maximum Torque (N?m [kgf?m]/rpm): 350 [35.7]/1,650-4,400





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