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  1. NAVARA 2019 Toyota NAVARA

    Price: USD 15,600

  2. HILUX 2020 Toyota HILUX

    Price: USD 23,270

  3. HILUX 1998 Toyota HILUX

    Price: USD 13,400

  4. Ranger 2017 Toyota Ranger

    Price: USD 16,700

  5. TUNDRA 2019 Toyota TUNDRA

    Price: USD 27,029

  6. Ranger 2018 Toyota Ranger

    Price: USD 11,650

  7. TUNDRA 2016 Toyota TUNDRA

    Price: USD 32,099

  8. Ranger 2018 Toyota Ranger

    Price: USD 38,700

  9. TUNDRA 2015 Toyota TUNDRA

    Price: USD 28,602

  10. NAVARA 2019 Toyota NAVARA

    Price: USD 19,500

When it comes to vehicle the term pick-up means an off-road vehicle or passenger car with an open, level loading area. At the same time, the cab is usually a bit smaller than an off-road vehicle.

Used Pick-ups Trucks

The pick-up has become a static symbol since long. This is also reflected by the fact that the modern pick-ups are offered with luxury equipment and many extras. Pick-ups all around the world are traditionally equipped with fuel-efficient petrol engines, so that the vehicle has the necessary power even under heavy loads. However, the suppliers Dodge, Chevrolet, GMC and Ford come with a diesel engine with 6 or 8 cylinders in the program.

Classes of Pick -up Trucks

In the US pick-ups are divided into four sizes. The most famous representative of the entry class category is the Ford Ranger. In the latest generation of models, a 2.2-liter diesel engine is available, which is available with 125 and 150 hp. In the Midsize class, for example, the Nissan Frontier is represented, which is offered with 4-cylinder or V6 engine. In the Upper Midsize class the identical models such as Mitsubishi Raider and Dodge Dakota are to be found.

The Dodge Dakota is currently available with V6 engine and 214 hp. The version with V8 engine and 306 hp is also already part of the new Dodge Ram series and belongs to the full-size range. Here is the Chevrolet Silverado, which is currently available with three different V8 engines. Depending on the version, the engine delivers between 322 and 360 hp. The mentioned models in the full-size sector are available only with automatic transmission.

Japanese Used Pickup Trucks

One of the best examples of Pickup trucks is VW Caddy, whose design was based on the VW Golf platform. Currently, besides VW Japanese exclusive pickup trucks are very famous and also reliable in used vehicle markets all around the world.

The very reliable and successful example of Japanese pickup truck is Mitsubishi L200 along with four-cylinder diesel engine that gives the perfect fuel consumption of just 7.6 liters per 100 km. Moreover one of newest Nissan Navara pickup truck with the D.40 3.0dCi is fitted with a 6 cylinder diesel engine that produce 231 horsepower.

Other Japanese Pickup Trucks

Other high power and reliable used pickup trucks are Isuzu D-Max and Mazda BT-50 both of the trucks are equipped with 2.5 liters diesel engine. The seventh generation of Toyota Hilux pickup comes with 7 diverse gasoline as well as diesel engines.



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