Buy Secondhand Cars In Kenya At Cheap Prices

  1. TEANA 2008 Toyota TEANA

    Price: ASK

  2. WISH 2011 Toyota WISH

    Price: USD 3,873

  3. NOTE 2015 Toyota NOTE

    Price: USD 9,436

  4. WISH 2004 Toyota WISH

    Price: USD 2,349

  5. CRV 2015 Toyota CRV

    Price: USD 15,000

  6. COROLLA 1997 Toyota COROLLA

    Price: ASK

  7. CERVO 2006 Toyota CERVO

    Price: USD 407

  8. MOBILIO 2004 Toyota MOBILIO

    Price: USD 582

  9. PASSO 2008 Toyota PASSO

    Price: USD 2,708

  10. STREAM 2007 Toyota STREAM

    Price: ASK

Used cars are famous, reliable and easiest way to buy a vehicle if you are tight on budget. Usually you can buy a reliable and low mileage car in very affordable price you could imagine of. Used car has a huge market around the world with different brand and models.


Japanese Cars in Kenya

Like so many other countries used cars has an enormous amount of demand in Kenya. Thousands of cars are imported from car manufacturing countries, but most of all Japanese cars have a huge market in Kenya and the country import hundreds of Japanese cars in Kenya to fill in the increasing demand of Kenya.


There are several of benefits of Japanese used cars. First of all these cars are way too affordable that anyone can think of buying Japanese used cars. Second, these cars are usually low in mileage that means its runs a little thus they are more like new cars.


Top Rated Cars in Kenya

From thousands of these used cars, here we have collected some of the top rated cars around the Kenya for various different reasons.


Toyota Corolla Fielder

In 2000 the first Toyota Corolla Fielder was introduced to the Japanese market and lies in the 9th generation of Toyota Corolla. The car comes with more advanced technology and sharp edgier styling to bring the nameplate into the current century. Then in 2002 the Fielder was received a renovation and the new facelift grew in length along with the same body panels as well as interior of the car.


Gradually the car gets improved and every time it gets a facelift comes with better and enhanced version that is why it is top rated car in Kenya and sell in a big number.


Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

The stylish vehicle Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is one of those vehicles that define the world luxury and style. This stunning car is pretty much everything you want a car to be. Land Cruiser Prado is not only famous in Kenya but also very famous around the world due to two big reasons; first that this car offered by Toyota is one of the most reliable cars that can run for ages and the second biggest reason is that the car is way too stylish.


Toyota Passo

Toyota Passo is a compact car also offered by Toyota. This car is perfect for small families. Passo is roomy, comfortable and stylish. According to reviews and stats It is the third top rated car in Kenya.


Cities of Kenya Where Japanese Used Cars Are Popular

  • Nairobi
  • Mombasa
  • Nakuru
  • Eldoret
  • Kisumu
  • Thika
  • Malindi



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