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Japanese Used Cars For Sale In China, Price And Pictures|Japanese used cars

Japanese Used Cars For Sale In China, Price And Pictures

Buy Second Hand Cars In China

China itself is involved in production of cars, though when we check its international ranking it does not stand much high. Many people believe that it is because of usage within country that local automobile companies are unable to gain global acknowledgement. While there is a class that believes that in the area of quality and reliability China has to go a long way.


The market gets pretty hostile for brand new cars as the technology in use should be shared with local manufacturer if one wants to do business. Even the share of foreign company is approximately 49% in the joint venture.

China Vs Japan Car

As it is commonly known to world, China has the ability to make products, including cars, within budget. At times quality is compromised because of this. Japan on the other hand focus on quality first and improve it by employing Kaizan (Continuous Improvement) phenomenon. A time comes when due to expertise in the process and bulk production the time and cost reduces. This philosophy can be seen in Japanese used car too.


Used Car in China

The Japanese used cars for sale in China have historically been an average experience. But the year 2014 brought in import of approximately 1.4 million cars that was a positive sign. Over the years the import of cars to China has improved, making ways for a number of automakers including those from Japan.


China is more interested in luxury car segment and is a left hand drive market. Though not every port is used for import of cars; but the major shipping ports of the country are Guanghoz Huangpu Port, Tianjin New Port, Shanghai Port, and Dalian New Port.

Import of Car

 The permanent representatives and diplomats are the two type of people who are allowed to bring in foreign vehicles with ease.  But the relationship with custom of China plays a vital role. So companies that have a history of deficit in terms of “not up to the quality” products or improper paperwork; have hard time in getting product cleared. 


The documents required for the purpose includes Bill of Lading, Certificate of Origin, Insurance documents, and Purchase Invoice. Custom declaration and inspection certificate in Chinese is also required for completing the process.

Year Restriction

There is import restriction too, so while importing car heed must be taken. The Japanese used cars for sale in China should not be more than 10 years old. Older model years can go, but it requires strict inspection and additional charges. So be careful what year model you import to the country.


The passenger cars are more preferred as compare to commercial options. The commercial vehicles contribute an approximation of 2-3% in automobile import.

China is a challenging market where Japan still has to make place, while German auto-makers have proved their metal to the highest level. This has made demand of German used car increase in China.


Cities of China Where Japanese Cars Are Famous

  • Shanghai
  • Tianjin
  • Beijing
  • Guangzhou
  • Shenzhen
  • Dongguan
  • Wuhan





Photo Model Stock Id: Car Grade: Color: Vehicle Price:  
Nissan Note 2006 NISSAN NOTE 2006 D184673 NISSAN NOTE 2006 Nissan Note 2006
D184673 1.6 N-Tec Brown $4,316 Inquire
Honda Fit 2009 Honda Fit 2009
T752417 Sport Silver $7,199 Inquire
Toyota Rav4 2007 Toyota Rav4 2007
D196142 2.2 Turbodiesel Sol Gray $7,173 Inquire
Honda Fit 2015 Honda Fit 2015
T224818 EX Black $13,100 Inquire
Honda Fit 2009 Honda Fit 2009
T219690 SPORT White $9,150 Inquire
Honda Fit 2013 Honda Fit 2013
T728129 SPORT Gray $13,900 Inquire
Nissan Note 2009 Nissan Note 2009
D195859 1.5 dCi Turbodiesel Acenta Black $4,268 Inquire
Toyota Rav4 2013 Toyota Rav4 2013
D188872 2.0 D-4D Advance Brown $19,326 Inquire
Toyota Rav4 2006 Toyota Rav4 2006
D188836 2.2 Crossover Exclusive Black $6,452 Inquire
Toyota Rav4 2001 Toyota Rav4 2001
D192613 2.0 Basis 4X4 Gray $4,348 Inquire
Nissan Note 2007 Nissan Note 2007
D191963 1.5 dCi Turbodiesel Tekna Black $3,659 Inquire
Nissan Note 2007 Nissan Note 2007
D169873 1.5 dCi Turbodiesel Acenta Gray $4,623 Inquire
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