Toyota Vitz: A Motoring Legend

  1. VITZ 2005 Toyota VITZ

    Price: US$ 960

  2. VITZ 2005 Toyota VITZ

    Price: US$ 625

  3. VITZ 2005 Toyota VITZ

    Price: US$ 597

  4. VITZ 2008 Toyota VITZ

    Price: US$ 1,087

  5. VITZ 2006 Toyota VITZ

    Price: US$ 1,011

  6. VITZ 2007 Toyota VITZ

    Price: US$ 1,123

  7. VITZ 2005 Toyota VITZ

    Price: US$ 923

  8. VITZ 2007 Toyota VITZ

    Price: US$ 663

  9. VITZ 2005 Toyota VITZ

    Price: US$ 597

  10. VITZ 2011 Toyota VITZ

    Price: US$ 2,038


Toyota Vitz is one of the most commonly sighted vehicles running on roads of Tanzania. Soon after the launch, with years of experience, the vehicle successfully managed to be at the forefront of buyers shopping list. This unique silhouette with styling like a chic and performance efficiency like a workhorse has the potential to surpass the competition. Toyota Vitz price in Tanzania against a wide range of features is substantially justifying the cost.  




Toyota Vitz is the product lineup of three and five-door hatchback compact cars slotting under the brand cachet of Toyota. Vitz started life back in 1999 and soon after the launch successfully gained the reputation as a highly anticipated and warmly welcomed contender in a handsome clad. The Vitz launched in the model year 2010 is the 3rd generation of Toyota Vitz. It is a front engine front/four wheel drive subcompact hatchback. Other than updated and sporty design language, large exterior dimensions, the opulence of the inside space and a wide range of feature upgrades is influencing it to create a unique flagship statement.


Design Details


From exterior to interior, all the features and upgrades are meticulously designed to communicate a masterpiece like the value proposition. Sleek narrow upswept headlights, small grille with chrome accents at the front, side-swept headlights at the back and horizontal chrome trim pieces allowing it to create a distinct profile image. Plush and polished inside the space of the car with leather upholstery and features like air conditioning, airbags, cup holders, power door, power locks, and power steering is creating a unique fashion statement. Furthermore, satellite navigation, leather upholstery, climate control, and power door mirrors come in an option. There is a good amount of space for passengers with ample space for headroom and legroom to ensure comfort and convenience throughout the journey.


Safety and Performance


It is really hard to imitate the functionality and practicality of Toyota. Vehicles under the flagship of Toyota have an overhaul market reputation for delivering a unique mixture of practicality and functionality. Toyota Vitz for sale in Tanzania is one of those high ends technologically advanced motoring solutions designed to ensure performance efficiency and convenience to passengers on board. Toyota Vitz for sale in Tanzania claim to offer 34km/l mileage efficiency with a choice of 1.0-liter, 1.3-liter and 1.5-liter engine option combined with an option between 5-speed manual and continuously variable transmission options.


Cost ad verdict


Toyota Vitz for sale in Tanzania is a reliable, functional and incredibly an adequate motoring solution. The vehicle has a high rating for practicality, functionality, and fuel consumption economy. Toyota Vitz price in Tanzania is another factor influencing buyers to opt for the purchase of this unique mixture of comfort and luxury. With years of experiences, Toyota incorporated few valuable consumer insights in designing and development of this car. It is a tailor-made motoring solution which is designed to accommodate the daily driving needs of the buyer community. Ever since the launch, the vehicle has gone through several design updates and feature upgrades and the lot more is on its way to come.

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