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Toyota Vanguard Review

  1. VANGUARD 2012 Toyota VANGUARD

    Price: USD 11,680

  2. VANGUARD 2008 Toyota VANGUARD

    Price: USD 5,111

  3. VANGUARD 2011 Toyota VANGUARD

    Price: USD 6,880

  4. VANGUARD 2013 Toyota VANGUARD

    Price: USD 11,550

  5. VANGUARD 2009 Toyota VANGUARD

    Price: USD 5,343

  6. VANGUARD 2010 Toyota VANGUARD

    Price: USD 5,546

  7. VANGUARD 2009 Toyota VANGUARD

    Price: USD 6,810

  8. VANGUARD 2007 Toyota VANGUARD

    Price: USD 5,491

  9. VANGUARD 2008 Toyota VANGUARD

    Price: USD 5,330

  10. VANGUARD 2009 Toyota VANGUARD

    Price: USD 5,278

The Toyota Vanguard is a large automobile introduced in 2007. The manufacturing continues till date and is an established name in the industry. As per Toyota Vanguard reviews, its most successful models are 2010, 2012, 2014, 2007, 2009, and 2008. The Vanguard was designed to target a younger clientele. As per the manufacturer, this vehicle integrates the characteristics of an SUV and a sedan automobile.
Toyota Vanguard is a successor of the Kluger, a premium crossover vehicle with a roomy cabin that seats up to seven passengers. The model primary ideas emphasized an active lifestyle and improved comfort. The whole series offers all-wheel drive. It comes in five- and seven-seater configurations. Toyota Vanguard is well-known worldwide, particularly in New Zealand, Malaysia, Kenya, Singapore, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.
The SUV exterior characteristics include chrome trim components and larger, more attractive headlamps. The vehicle interior design can be customized according to the owner wish- since the seat position can be altered in myriad ways. The third row of seats can be fully removed from under the floor, creating a massive trunk.

Background and History

For many years, the Toyota VANGUARD has been one of the most renowned crossovers on the market due to its combination of practicality, comfort, and elegance. As a result, Japanese automobiles are setting trends in their segments. Moreover, the preceding two versions of the Toyota Vanguard have established a reputation as a dependable and unpretentious vehicle in their respective segments.

The Toyota Vanguard third generation has been in production since 2006. It is available in two different wheelbase configurations: a short-wheelbase variant for Europe and Asia and an elongated for North America. In addition, the third generation was somewhat bigger than its predecessor, and a new gearbox with a multi-platform clutch was added to the rear-wheel-drive variant.
A seven-seat version of the Toyota Vanguard was also available in certain countries. It was marketed in Japan as a distinct Toyota Vanguard model. The two-liter engine was also updated in that year. It now has an adjustable valve timing system that produces more horsepower. Following the redesign, standard deliveries of models with a longer wheelbase were established in most CIS nations, including Russia.
2010 restyling concentrated mostly on altering the appearance of the vehicle while also enhancing its utility and safety. For example, rather than a four-speed automatic gearbox, they started adding a variator, and the five-speed mechanics were replaced with a more contemporary six-speed transmission.

Power Engine

2.4-liter engine powers the model distinct variant. It was upgraded in August 2008 to include a front-electric form of the 2.4-liter variant. Consequently, it becomes more efficient and provides better gasoline mileage. The Toyota Vanguard is offered with the 240S S Package, featuring colored expanders wings and 18-inch cast wheels. Additionally, many revised components from previous editions are accessible for deployment.

Petrol Toyota Vanguard upgrades include more powerful engines and an upgraded transmission gearbox. The enhanced electric settings result in a decreased fuel consumption pattern. It should be mentioned that the technical specifications of the Toyota Vanguard are the product of the extremely efficient operations of the Japanese company top specialists. The most powerful variant is equipped with a 3.5-liter engine producing 280 horsepower, a 5-speed automated gearbox, and all-wheel drive. The front suspension damper strut is shown, as well as the rear multi-link cross-section. The gasoline AI-95 is suggested for this model.

Ground Clearance

This Japanese car has a 7.5-inch ground clearance, which is enough for both on- and off-road driving. Even with a full load, the vehicle effortlessly clears even the largest speed bumps. While not a true off-road vehicle, the Vanguard is capable of going off-road.

Spare Parts - Availability, Cost, and Purchase

Toyota Vanguard Spare Components, particularly servicing and suspension parts, are readily accessible in Kenya. Body components are a mixed bag since some may be difficult to locate, such as headlights. The spare parts of Toyota Vanguard for sale in Kenya are reasonably priced. Body components may be very costly, depending on the kind and availability of the item.

Legroom and Floor Space

The Toyota Vanguard is a large and comfortable vehicle. Legroom is good in the front row and completely easy to maneuver even by a tall driver. The legroom in the second row is similarly generous, especially in the center seat, which is often tight in most automobiles. The third-row seating is a little cramped for adults, but it is still more spacious than some of its rivals, like the Mitsubishi Outlander.

Cabin Storage Space

For all three rows of passengers, the Toyota Vanguard offers lots of storage space in the interior. This is very important for keeping things such as cellphones, drinking water, and other small items. Storage space contains:

  • Two-door pockets
  • Two cupholders
  • A cubby box
  • A glove box in the first row of storage.

In addition, two cupholders in the armrests of the second row, as well as jacket pockets in the front seats, are also available. On the wheel arch of the third row, there are two cupholders and two storage compartments for the passengers.

Advantages It Offers

  1. It is fuel-efficient care and thus very reliable to drive.
  2. It contains a spacious interior and has a quality crossover.
  3. The robust powertrain of Toyota Vanguard is one of its own.


  1. Despite its advantages, it is costly to buy and upgrade
  2. It also creates noises during drives.

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