Best Selling Compact Car - Toyota Starlet

  1. STARLET 1994 Toyota STARLET

    Price: USD 10,310

  2. STARLET 1995 Toyota STARLET

    Price: USD 8,200

  3. STARLET 1995 Toyota STARLET

    Price: USD 7,840

Toyota Starlet is a small car that was manufactured by Toyota from 1973 to 1999. The car was classified as compact car and it was very famous among bachelors. The car gave excellent mileage but offered a small seating capacity. The car was assembled in Japan but was sold in different parts of the world and it was very famous in different countries in the world. The countries where this car was very famous are Japan, USA, England and Malaysia. In the start, the car was just sold in Toyota Sale shops but the car’s popularity grew so much that the company decided to sell this car from different shop too.


Toyota Starlet-A Classy Car

toyota starlet gtToyota Starlet is a very classy car and it is available in different body styles. Most cars are only available in single body styles but this car can be found in different body styles such as 2 door coupe, 4 door sedans and 2 door convertible. This diversity of the car makes it very famous in the world and the 2 door convertible was sold in different parts of the world. The 2 door convertible was also named as Toyota starlet GT turbo.


Starlet GT Turbo

The starlet GT turbo is a model of fourth generation Toyota Starlet. The starlet GT turbo is famous for its performance and sleek design. The car is equipped with a turbo charged engine and it is lighter than the average GT turbo. The car is for the racing fans and if you love speed, then this is the best model for you.


Specificationtoyota starlet gt

The starlet GT is available in 3 door and 5 door hatchback style and it is available in different engine sizes. In the start, the car was available in only one engine size but later on, it was introduced with different engine sizes. The car is available in front wheel and four wheel drive options. The car is available in manual as well as automatic transmission and you can choose the car according to your needs. The different engine sizes available in this car are 999 cc 1E I4 (EP80), 1,295 cc 2E I4 (EP81), 1,295 cc 2E-E I4 (EP81), 1,331 cc 4E-FE I4 (EP82, EP85), 1,331 cc 4E-FTE I4 (EP82).



The car looks very good on the road and the overall length of the car is 150 inches and width of the car is 64 inches. The overall wheelbase of the car is 91 inches.
The car is very famous all over the world and you should also consider purchasing this car, if you love old cars. The car has a very powerful engine and it gives you excellent road grip and excellent drive.

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