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Toyota Spacio: A Comprehensive Review

  1. COROLLA 2021 Toyota COROLLA

    Price: USD 16,940

  2. COROLLA 2023 Toyota COROLLA

    Price: USD 51,750

  3. COROLLA 2022 Toyota COROLLA

    Price: USD 17,930

  4. COROLLA 1997 Toyota COROLLA

    Price: USD 2,310

  5. COROLLA 1999 Toyota COROLLA

    Price: USD 2,550

  6. COROLLA 1999 Toyota COROLLA

    Price: USD 2,820

  7. COROLLA 1996 Toyota COROLLA

    Price: USD 2,230

  8. COROLLA 2019 Toyota COROLLA

    Price: USD 10,810

  9. COROLLA 1998 Toyota COROLLA

    Price: USD 2,710

  10. COROLLA 2020 Toyota COROLLA

    Price: USD 16,400

Toyota Spacio or Toyota Corolla Spacio is an offering by the Japanese automobile manufacturer in the category of compact MPVs. The Spacio name was utilized only for the production of the car run for the Japanese market between 1997 and 2001. The second generation was launched in 2001 and saw the multipurpose vans introduction to the European market. However, the car did not sport the name Spacio. Verso was the name seen in all marketing collateral in Europe. The name itself is derived from the Italian word "Spazio," which means space.

The Toyota Spacio is a compact seven-seater minivan. It can easily be configured to two rows with massive luggage space or retain the seven-seat arrangement. The post-2000 models have the "Ultra Low Exhaust Level of 2000 Standard Emissions" qualification. It was granted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transports low-emission vehicle certification system. The certification highlights that the Toyota Spacio was ahead of its time.

So, if you are looking for a Toyota Spacio for sale in Uganda, the question running through your mind is that if it is a good investment or not. The in-depth review will give general insights into what makes the Spacio a good car to own. The car is ideal for families or young people looking to get their first car. The considerable seating and cargo capacity are excellent for family trips or for friends looking to carpool.

Several categories highlight the various features of the car, in this comprehensive review. It will make it easier to gauge if the capabilities of the car align with your requirements. For a more specific breakdown of the features, you will need to know which generation the particular Spacio belongs to. Or which specific trim or year, or production is attached to the car.




The Toyota Spacio has a distinct boxy shape common for cars in the compact minivan category. However, Toyota has gone the extra mile to give it a more distinct shape to further distinguish itself from other automobiles in the market. The exterior is not purely an aesthetic choice. It is a design consideration to maximize interior seating space and cargo capacity.

The cars road clearance is low, but this, combined with the wide set of tires of the car, gives it increased stability. A simple and understated front grille and Toyota emblem convey a sense of quality and reliability.

The large round headlights provide excellent visibility at night. The headlights can be customized if desired, and certain used Toyota Spacio may also come with fog lights on the front bumper. At the same time, the vehicles side profile is fairly normal and smooth but with a prominent character line. The line runs from the front fender to the rear taillights. According to Spacio owners, the character line gives the vehicle a sense of dynamism and motion, even when parked. The rear of the vehicle is clean and minimalistic, with a large window that provides excellent visibility for the driver and passengers.




The inside of the Toyota Spacio is where the car truly shines. It is spacious and practical. The car can easily hold up to seven passengers comfortably and go up to even 9 people. It is not something one will see in Europe or other western countries. But it is fairly common in African and Asian states. The seating capacity is one of the reasons why people often look for a Toyota Spacio for sale in Uganada or other similar cars.

An adequate amount of padding in the seats provides excellent back support. It ensures that the driver and passengers have a comfortable riding experience. The dashboard is intuitive and simple, with all the necessary controls and gauges within easy reach. The air conditioning system is powerful and effective, ensuring that one will remain cool even during Ugandan summers.

The Toyota Spacio comes with a certain level of customization. It is quite easy to rearrange the seating arrangement in the car. The rear seats can be folded to create a large cargo area, ideal for transporting bulky items or luggage. It makes the Spacio a great choice for families or businesses that need a vehicle that can serve in multiple capacities.




From a performance perspective, the car comes in three main variants. You can find it with a 1.5-liter or 1.8-liter petrol engine. The Spacio is also available with a 2.0-liter diesel engine as well. The pairing for the engines is either with a manual or automatic transmission. The exact configuration is based on the mode and trim.

The Toyota Spacio offers a smooth drive with ample power and torque for city driving and highway cruising. The car is responsive and precise when it comes to handling. Furthermore, it has an excellent turning arc making it easy to maneuver in tight spaces.

The Toyota Spacio fuel consumption rate is adequate and holds up quite nicely despite being older. The vehicle design keeps efficiency at the forefront. It features a lightweight body and efficient engines, which keeps the Toyota Spacio fuel consumption low.




The Toyota Spacio comes with multiple safety features which keep passengers safe in an accident. These features include airbags, ABS brakes, and traction control. The combination can mitigate the risk of injury in case of an accident or prevent it from occurring in the first place.

The Spacios design gives it a high-strength body structure. It is despite the lightweight body. It provides excellent crash protection. The structure helps distribute the force of an impact evenly throughout the vehicle, reducing the risk of injury to the driver and passengers.




The Spacio comes with the seal of reliability that is the hallmark of all Toyota vehicles. A proper maintenance cycle can ensure that the Spacio can last for many years without issues. Furthermore, the vehicle is relatively easy and inexpensive to maintain. The wide network of authorized service centers and the availability of a large selection of aftermarket parts make it a viable choice.




To summarize, the Toyota Spacio is a practical and reliable vehicle that offers excellent value for money. And like all MPVs, it is not the most aesthetically pleasing car, but it makes up for it through its practicality.  Toyota Spacio is a good choice for families, businesses, and individuals who are looking for a spacious multipurpose vehicle. The Spacio comes with a reasonable price tag. The Toyota Spacio will be your companion for years to come. The car is reliable and resilient and continues to be a popular choice in the used car market globally.

If you are looking for a Toyota Spacio for Sale in Uganda, then a reliable partner like SBT is what you need. Expert advice coupled with reasonable pricing will make the process hassle-free.

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