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Toyota Sienta – Extravagant, Mesmerizing & Powerful Workhorse

  1. SIENTA 2016 Toyota SIENTA

    Price: USD 15,269

  2. SIENTA 2014 Toyota SIENTA

    Price: USD 4,278

  3. SIENTA 2018 Toyota SIENTA

    Price: USD 14,144

  4. SIENTA 2013 Toyota SIENTA

    Price: USD 5,634

  5. SIENTA 2018 Toyota SIENTA

    Price: USD 15,427

  6. SIENTA 2017 Toyota SIENTA

    Price: USD 13,625

  7. SIENTA 2018 Toyota SIENTA

    Price: USD 10,346

  8. SIENTA 2017 Toyota SIENTA

    Price: USD 13,413

  9. SIENTA 2017 Toyota SIENTA

    Price: USD 16,538

  10. SIENTA 2015 Toyota SIENTA

    Price: USD 14,442

Toyota Sienta For Sale In Uganda

Toyota Sienta for sale in Uganda is a versatile Yaris-based car, engineered by leading Japanese automaker Toyota. . It feels like a much needed refresher in swarmed MPV fragment because of its traditional and moderate contributions. This model has a place with the second era of the arrangement, wearing a particular and progressively improved styling. It is a legitimate 7-seater that truly means to claim family-arranged purchasers. This is an extravagance workhorse that accompanies youth planned, expecting to give solace, adaptability and extravagance in the bundle. It is very much etched to turn into a reasonable traveler mover. It is offered with three inside designs which imply that its inside is pleasantly overseen by the produces. This vehicle is a demonstrated decision for more distant families, as it guarantees incredible quality ride and extravagant driving experience. It is roomy, roomier and amazingly agreeable MPV which would definitely mark all cases of fulfillment. This 7-seater suburbanite makes the driving simpler for devotees on account of upgradation and quality itemizing. It is mounted with 1.5-liter motor that conveys fine execution and worshiping economy. This model is additionally accessible in half and half variation that conveys most extreme economy of 78.5 mpg on consolidated cycle. Moreover, it is quite advancing vehicle that meets the current expectations of everyday comforts.


Key Specs

Toyota Sienta for sale in Uganda is all about practicality, comfort and versatility. It is all-applauded for its unwavering quality, legitimacy and strength. With ideal styling signals and even V-formed lights, it shows up. This is without a doubt a certified workhorse that hides lively plan and tech gadgetry to improve driving delight. It eats up fine styling prompts, highlighted with dark trim and flat V-molded lights. Its square shaped profile grasps agreeable face front belt, grille and unit like lights. The benevolent face front sash, grille and pod-like lights with square shaped figure give it all the more engaging figure. The outside structure is commanding, though the inside is splendidly selected with quality highlights and hardware. The lodge looks present day and clean, offering a lot of room for travelers and baggage. Strong seats, texture upholstery and a bustling looking useful sort of dashboard are barely any feature highlights of the inside. The lodge looks flexible, offering large boot behind the back seats. In any case, back line seats can lean back and effectively overlay down to give a lot of boot space. The dashboard looks utilitarian, as it comes furnished with legitimate controls and highlights which are anything but difficult to utilize.


Practicality & Reliability

Inside its conservative measurements, it is fit to give adequate space to travelers and baggage. By and large, it is offered with flaunted six-seat course of action that can fit up to seven travelers within three rows. It is also given with plenty of safety kits which is incorporated with features like Antilock Braking System, Vehicle Stability Control, Airbags Electronic Brake-force Distribution, Brake Assist, ISOFIX mounts, Hill-start Assist and Reverse Sensors. Overall, it is a rock-hard choice for families who pursue the blend of comfort and security at budget-conscious rates.



Toyota Sienta for sale in Uganda is mounted with 1.5-liter VVT-I engine that guarantees abundant yield and punchy execution. The motor is coupled to seven-speed ceaseless variable programmed transmission (CVT), empowering smooth transmission to the front wheels by means of wear successive moving. It produces net output power of 107 horsepower and torque of 140Nm, which is respectable for this lesson. This vehicle offers great fuel economy on paper, devouring 1 liter of fuel in 15.8km that is respectable for MPV. It handles easily on streets much appreciated to its well-weighted controlling. It feels well planted and advanced on longer trips. It comes with little turning circle and simple driving deportment that makes a difference in simple stopping on tight spots. It drives well over bumps and harsh streets much appreciated to its versatile suspension. This MPV is generally easy to drive, adapting effectively with each jump helpfully. In brief, this model is all about performance and versatility.


Shipping To Uganda

Toyota Sienta for sale in Uganda ensures real time performance. It is absolutely a magnificent player in the automotive world that needs your dire attention. When shipping to Uganda, as such there is no age restriction on imported vehicles, plus it is not mandatory for cars to undergo the inspection. These imported automobiles are subjected to custom duty as per the rule of General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs (G.A.T.T). All vehicles are liable of 15% of import duty and 17% of Value Added Tax. The vehicle is also liable to pay excise duty of 10% on all commercial vehicles. In addition, 2% import commission and 4% of Withholding Tax is also applied every imported vehicle.

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