Toyota Probox - The Rectangular Box

Toyota Probox has been launched in August 2002 and came as a commercial wagon. It was a 5 door version directly related to Toyota Succeed. Coming as a 1500 CC version the vehicle is more of a rectangular box with bold lights to support.

The vehicle came as a combination of both manual and automatic transmission. The manual transmission comes as a 5 speed option with the 4 speed automatic transmission support. Aside from this the following advantages come handy:

Spacious Look Of Toyota Probox

The Probox car has spacious look, with overall vehicle layout telling best utilization of space. The lights are available in front and back that are broad enough with Fog lights to make night drive work to perfection. The Roof Rail is there for additional luggage storage which is replaced by Sun Roof in some cases. The other features that put a boost to sales are the availability of dark colors including the Blue, Black, Grey and Red option.

The light colors are available in White, Beige, Silver and Lemon color that have diverse range of prices. The Alloy Wheels acts as an image booster with indirect support to the tires. Everything in the body is large enough that make spacious look attain to the refined level.

The People and Luggage Carrier

The inside of this Probox from Toyota is ideal for people and luggage transportation. The folding seats further make the greater luggage carriage easy with compromise in number of passengers being carried.  The inside have Power option of Power Window that makes smooth transition of window with low force requirement and Power Steering for making the tire movement synchronized with steering wheel. The seats are made of fine fabric that makes sure that comfort remain intact to perfect level.

Talking about overall layout, it has a drastic increase in demand over the years. Even as used vehicle Toyota Probox is being used in different parts of the world, telling the story of its durability.


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