Toyota Mark X- Where Style Speaks For Itself

  1. MARK X 2010 Toyota MARK X

    Price: US$ 3,200

  2. MARK X 2004 Toyota MARK X

    Price: US$ 1,260

  3. MARK X 2007 Toyota MARK X

    Price: US$ 1,390

  4. MARK X 2005 Toyota MARK X

    Price: US$ 1,890

  5. MARK X 2007 Toyota MARK X

    Price: US$ 1,124

  6. MARK X 2014 Toyota MARK X

    Price: US$ 10,114

  7. MARK X 2007 Toyota MARK X

    Price: US$ 962

  8. MARK X 2008 Toyota MARK X

    Price: US$ 981

  9. MARK X 2006 Toyota MARK X

    Price: US$ 1,048

  10. MARK X 2007 Toyota MARK X

    Price: US$ 1,558

Toyota Motors Corporation is a famous leader in the automobile industry for its spectacular and amazing technically advanced creations that customers find useful and practical. The corporation has been able to secure and maintain its dominant position by uncovering the travelling possibilities that consumers could enjoy and thrill about. Since its incorporation, the company has launched vehicles that are unique and outstanding in style, reliability, practicality, credibility, performance and elegance. Let it be the small cars or the luxurious makes, the company left no stone unturned in providing exclusiveness that consumers dream about.


Toyota mark series is an eye opening example of the fantastic offerings of the Toyota motors corporation. the mark x started off its official manufacturing in year 2004 and due to ever increasing demand , the vehicle is still in the market in better and improved form.


Toyota Mark X- The Better Successors

toyota mark xToyota Motors Corporation believes strongly in the possibility and margin of improvement. The mark x series has been transformed and face lifted drastically as per the changing trends and the competition situation. The life of growth and development could be spread over the period of two extensive generations. First generation mark x was released from year 2004 to 2009 and second generation mark x model was marketed from year 2009 till present date.


The first generation version had the 2.5 liters to 3 liters engine capacity, five speed automatic transmission, four wheel drive system, 2850 mm long wheelbase, 1570 kilograms of vehicle weight, 4735 mm length and height and width of about 1435 mm and 1775 mm respectively. These measurements were discontinued after few years except in china. The redesigned second generation mark X model had the four doors, 3.5 liters engine, six speed automatic transmission, 2850 mm long wheelbase, 4750 mm length, 1795 mm width and height of about approximately 1435 mm conveniently.


Performance and Drive Train Specificationstoyota mark x

The performance aspects are designed by the expertise at the Toyota motors corporation. The features collaboration and mating is destined to deliver the fuel efficiency and economy on road and off road without unnecessary expenditures or out of pocket costs. the specifications includes the 2499 cc displacement, 6 cylinders, 12 compression ratio, petrol fuel, 220 kilometer speed, 6 gears, auto transmission, 7.9 liters of combined average mileage gallon, 187 grams per kilometer of emission, double wishbone suspension system and multi link rear suspension. The accumulation of all the specs results in marvelous performance delivery and achievement of performance excellence better than the competitors.


Other Features

Toyota mark x new and used models is equipped with the well thought comfort environmental and safety features for the convenience of the driver, passenger and the pedestrians. The used models could be acquired from the local or the private dealers at quite reasonable prices. The durable and reliable features include the driver and passenger airbags, aide airbags, traction control system, automatic brake assist, keyless entry, air conditioning system, cruise control system and leathered upholstery.

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