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Toyota Hilux - Guaranteed Off-Road Prowess

  1. HILUX 2016 Toyota HILUX

    Price: USD 32,921

  2. HILUX 2016 Toyota HILUX

    Price: USD 24,525

  3. HILUX 2019 Toyota HILUX

    Price: USD 27,250

  4. HILUX 2017 Toyota HILUX

    Price: USD 18,800

  5. HILUX 2017 Toyota HILUX

    Price: USD 35,630

  6. HILUX 2017 Toyota HILUX

    Price: USD 22,580

  7. HILUX 2014 Toyota HILUX

    Price: USD 18,200

  8. HILUX 2017 Toyota HILUX

    Price: USD 34,130

  9. HILUX 2019 Toyota HILUX

    Price: USD 35,530

  10. HILUX 2019 Toyota HILUX

    Price: USD 35,710

Toyota Hilux for sale in Jamaica

Toyota Hilux for sale in Jamaica is a highly adorable, trustworthy, and beloved vehicle of all time. It is currently reigning as the best-selling model in the global market. It is a heart-winning model that appeals to its versatile character and unbeatable strength. This pickup truck is renowned for its intense durability and reliability. Its off-road ability in the toughest conditions of Jamaica has impressed many consumers that have proven its popularity in the country. The main reason for its popularity is its satisfactory fuel economy and performance. In addition, the spare parts of this vehicle are easy to maintain and replace. Moreover, this vehicle provides a comfortable ride to those who drive it.


The Demand for Toyota Hilux

In the car market of Jamaica, purchasers look forward to quality products and advanced features that can meet their requirements. Toyota Hilux for sale in Jamaica is a better deal in this regard. Consumers demand all modern-day requirements, including safety features, durability, versatile space seating, and high engine power. However, this vehicle offers you the best of both worlds. This vehicle is equipped with all advanced features so that you can enjoy a pleasant drive on the roads. It comes with a steel frame chassis of high tensile. The body of the vehicle also hosts some anti-corrosive coatings which prevent it from moisture that produce rust in the body. Besides, its flexible and large seating capacity allows generous accommodation for passengers. Moreover, the vehicle is best to be used in all weather conditions.


Improved Specifications  

In the eighth generation, Toyota Hilux has been modified as a whole. It is integrated with innovative technologies that provide a better driving experience. It is available in the 4WD version, mounted with an upgraded engine. On the front, it wears refreshed bonnet designs, headlamps, and front bumpers that add to its beauty. It contains huge wheel arches and alloy wheels as standard that ensures improved road run and grip on tracks. The vehicle also contains the great ability to tow. Its powerful engine and generous horsepower make it capable of towing up to 3.5 tones which seems to be quite amazing. The 4WD version of the Hilux is also introduced specially for the tough roads of Jamaica which they use in farming and agriculture too. Besides all of these, the suspension system has also been improved so that drivers can drive it smoothly on rugged tracks


Engine Performance

Toyota Hilux for sale in Jamaica is a superhero in the automotive world. It is considered the perfect road partner of all time. Under the hood, this pickup truck is powered by a 2.8-liter diesel engine, producing 177 horsepower. The newer models come equipped with a 4-liter petrol engine that generates 280 horsepower. Both engines produce more than 450 Nm of torque of pulling power. This power tends to the powerful machinery to utilize its towing capability effectively. The vehicles are also customized with some advanced features such as variable valve timing intelligence that ultimately results in improved efficiency and performance of the engine. Hence, the engine is lighter and more compact, but it has now become more fuel-efficient and powerful.

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