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Toyota Hiace Price In Ghana

Toyota Hiace Price In Ghana

Toyota Hiace is the first light commercial vehicle introduced by Toyota. The evolution of the vehicle started in 1967 when the company launched its first model in the market. The vehicle is useful for commercial as well as personal use. The interior and exterior of the vehicle have been designed in a way that is convenient and comfortable. New features have been introduced with every Toyota Hiace to improve it even more.

The vehicle has good capacity. It is broad from the inside, with two seats on one side and one on the other. It is good enough to move comfortably. Toyota Hiace is the most dominant player in the mid-sized van market in Ghana. Its performance and quality have gained the trust of many. People associated with the mid-sized van market in Ghana find this vehicle the most attractive and useful. It is the consumer first choice due to its features, comfort, and bulletproof reliability, and also it amazing price bracket for Toyota Hiace in ghana.

1st to 6th Generation

Toyota introduced the first generation of Hiace in 1967. Its special feature was its monocoque body and independent front wheel suspension. It introduced the second generation in 1977. The major improvement was in its functionality, safety, and comfort. It enlarged the floor area and volume significantly. Toyota then introduced the third generation in 1982. It improved the interior and comfort further by offering a full sunroof and a 4-link coil spring rear suspension. 4th generation of the vehicle came into the market in 1989 with an even better exterior and interior and user-friendliness for commercial use.

The fifth generation Toyota HiAce was introduced in August 2004. A wider and longer Hiace with a higher roof enjoyed great demand in the market. It was designed in a way that it could not only be used for cargo transportation but also for camping to carry large leisure equipment. The sixth generation is the last one introduced in 2019. Its protruding bonnet allows new engines to be fitted. It gave a whole new look to the Hiace and is available in two body types; Standard Roof and High Roof. It can carry up to 17 people.

The models have improved with time. The company focus has been more comfort, more space, and newer features. HiAce has evolved, and the continuous launch of newer models indicates that the vehicle has always been in demand. The company never considered discontinuing the model because it is a major player in the mid-sized van market. People use the vehicle for commercial purposes, and the feedback is positive. It indicates that the vehicle has been favorable for the company.

Toyota Hiace Price in Ghana

Ghana is an importer of commercial as well as personal vehicles. It has been in the imports of HiAce from Japan, while the imported vehicles are affordable and durable for the long term. If you plan to buy a used Toyota Hiace in Ghana, it will cost you between 10,000 USD to 32,000 USD. The price depends on the condition of the van and the model. The country rules allow only right-hand driving vehicles, and the vehicle should not be older than 10 years. In violation of the rules, the owner is charged a penalty or a duty. VAT and import duty depend on the purpose and use of the vehicle. Additionally, all imported vehicles are subjected to the National Health Insurance levy, Export Development Fund, ECOWAS Levy, and Examination fee. The prices of Toyota HiAce models in Ghana are listed below;

2008 Toyota Hiace. GH? 198,181.

2015 Toyota Hiace. GH? 173,650.

Toyota Hiace. GH? 811,951.

2020 Toyota Hiace. GH? 811,951.

2020 Toyota GrandHiAce. GH? 774,685.

Use And Purpose

Many businesses are using Toyota Hiace. Specifically, transport-related businesses because the vehicle is safe and comfortable. The vehicle design is for commercial purposes but is also great for personal use, such as family trips. For transportation businesses, it has an amazing capacity and comfortable seats. Passengers can move easily from the door to the seat or seat to seat. The vehicle enjoyed a great demand in Ghana, and people kept purchasing the newer models. Hiace is also suitable for those who are cautious about the vehicle look. That is why the company has kept focusing on the vehicle design, look, and exterior.

From generation 1 to generation 6, HiAce has transformed impressively. The company kept adding new and better features and new and better looks. The journey of Hiace has been long and has still not ended because the vehicle is everyone favorite. You can find a lot of used and new Hiace for sale in Ghana. Vehicle demand has continued to be high over the years, indicating that it is very useful and liked in the country. Many businesses in Ghana are using Hiace for their transportation needs.

Attractive Features

The engine capacity of the van is 2982cc. The safety features include Passenger airbags, Seat Belt Warning, Side Impact Beams, and Front Impact Beams. Additionally, there is an Anti-Lock Braking System, Driver Airbag, Crash Sensor, Door Ajar Warning, and Engine Check Warning. Toyota has designed the vehicle keeping the basic and advanced safety needs in mind since it carries around 17 individuals. The safety of individuals sitting in the vehicle is important, so the vehicle includes such features, which makes it reliable. Moreover, Toyota Hiace is available in diesel, and the diesel options are Standard Roof AT and Standard Roof MT. These are the reasons why this vehicle has achieved success in many regions around the world.

Toyota never stopped manufacturing Hiace because it was always in demand. However, based on the new needs of customers, it kept improving and introducing new models with new features. Even the van exterior has been improved so much that the newest model looks very attractive. It gives a luxury look, so the transportation businesses using Hiace have a good reputation in the market. The reputation comes from the comfort it gives to the passengers. That is why Hiace is the top choice for transport businesses and passengers.


Toyota is one of the most successful car manufacturers that has manufactured many well-known models. Toyota Hiace is its mid-sized van that was launched for the first time in 1967. Since then, Hiace has been people favorite. The transporters especially appreciate it. The company kept improving the models and adding new features to every model. In Ghana, Toyota Hiace ranges from GH? 198,181 to GH? 774,685. HiAce has enjoyed high demand in Ghana, and both new and used HiAce enjoy high sales.

The price of Hiace in Ghana depends on the model and use. Even used Hiace is in high demand in Ghana. Hiace is known for its safety features and spacious interior. You can use HiAce for trips with family or friends. It gives a comfortable and safe ride. People in Ghana use Hiace at a high ratio compared to other mid-sized vans. It has become the top player in the mid-sized van market. The 6 generations of success indicate how HiAce has ruled the market and achieved success in every market it was introduced.

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