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Toyota Harrier 2008 Price In Uganda

  1. HARRIER 2007 Toyota HARRIER

    Price: USD 3,820

  2. HARRIER 2020 Toyota HARRIER

    Price: USD 27,340

  3. HARRIER 2014 Toyota HARRIER

    Price: USD 8,400

  4. HARRIER 2014 Toyota HARRIER

    Price: USD 15,700

  5. HARRIER 2004 Toyota HARRIER

    Price: USD 2,560

  6. HARRIER 2015 Toyota HARRIER

    Price: USD 10,090

  7. HARRIER 2015 Toyota HARRIER

    Price: USD 31,890

  8. HARRIER 2014 Toyota HARRIER

    Price: USD 16,500

  9. HARRIER 1998 Toyota HARRIER

    Price: USD 1,500

  10. HARRIER 2015 Toyota HARRIER

    Price: USD 31,890

Toyota Harrier, a compact crossover Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), was designed by a Japanese manufacturer, Toyota, in 1997. However, in 2003, it was classified as a mid-size crossover Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV). Toyota Harrier was initially designed for Japan automotive market and had to wait until late 2008 to be available in the International market.

Based on user opinions, the brand new and used Toyota harrier 2008 price in Uganda is reasonable with the given features and specifications.

This Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) possesses advanced features, including electric and leather seats, panoramic rooftop, steering wheel with automated auditory settings, Supplemental Restraint System (SRS), drawback mirrors, and parking sensor.

Moreover, Toyota Harrier, generally known as a wild but formal car, is in the middle of the fast-growing and fragmented mid-size Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) crossover class.

The spectacular and exciting Toyota Harrier 2008 is included in the second generation of Toyota. The second-generation variations of Toyota Harrier offer a 2.4L four-cylinder or 3L V6 engine. It is highly fuel-efficient, providing a fuel economy of approximately 12 to 14 Kilometers per Liter, a 4-wheel-drive, and a four-speed automatic transmission.

The exterior structures include conventional alloy wheels to enhance temperament to the overall aesthetic of the Toyota Harrier. Moreover, it comprises a rearmost spoiler for smoothness while enhancing the cars overall look.



Toyota Harrier 2008 Interior

The Toyota Harrier 2008 interior has built-in Trinocular independent metering and was developed with the theory of “sharpness of birds of prey.” It has a direction-finding navigational screen at the top, a winding passage adjacent to the AC, and the central shift panel.

The Toyota Harrier possesses a mechanical silver in the middle and wooden outlines on navigation. Moreover, these features are only present in the second generation Toyota Harrier 2008 Interior.

On the other hand, the exterior of the Toyota Harrier is marginally bigger compared to the other vehicle models. The exterior sizes are:

1. Total Width - 1845 Millimeters (mm)

2. Total Height - 1670 Millimeters (mm)

3. Total Length - 4735 Millimeters (mm)



Toyota Harrier Engine

The engines designed for the second generation Toyota Harrier (2003 – 2013) are a 2.4L in-line 4-cylinder engine and V6 3 liter engine type six-cylinder engine with the VVT-i system.

The drive system was front-wheel drive (FF) and 4-wheel-drive (4WD). However, the car possesses a four and 5-speed automatic transmission (AT) from a 3LV type six-cylinder engine. The 4-cylinder 2.4 L engine has been updated to the 4-speed automatic transmission. At the top of the line, Toyota Harrier 2008 has electric Air suspension control.



Features & Specifications of Toyota Harrier

Toyota Harrier has a fuel consumption of 42 miles-per-gallon (MPG) and 4910 Pounds (approximately 2227.13 kgs). In addition, the hybrid variant of the vehicle has a six-cylinder Dual Overhead Camshaft (DOHC) engine, a High octane superior fuel engine 3MZ-FE.

The 3MZ-FE engine generates a maximum power of 157.3 kW at 5600 revolutions per minute (rpm) and a maximum torque of 288.3 Nm at 4400 revolutions per minute (rpm).



1.     Glamorous Styling

The instantaneous success of the Toyota Harrier is due to the sharing of the industrial platform with the Toyota Rav4. The most beautiful thing about this vehicle is that it shares several well-built and well-equipped features with the other good fits in the industry.

The glamorous style and sporty-design exterior look recommend that it is bold and innovative. The complete design and external of the car link that it is a strong and hostile design language.



2.     Power & Performance

Toyota Harrier 2008 is driven by a high-performance engine; a 2.4-liter four-cylinder. It possesses a front-wheel-drive, five-speed automatic transmission, and six-speed automatic transmission. This feature makes it unique in Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs).

The Toyota Harrier 2008 is a powered hybrid with a six-cylinder piston engine and continuously variable transmission (CVT). Moreover, it comes with two different configurations:

1. Front-Wheel Drive

2. All-Wheel Drive

It also has perfect acceleration, sufficient fuel consumption, and a high-fidelity sound system.



3.     Space & Practicality

Toyota Harrier 2008 interior is a luxury car with an inner space of leather fabric. It consists of the following that make it a comfortable and safe ride for the travelers:

1. Adjustable Power Windows

2. Power Seats

3. Power Locks

4. Sunroof

Additionally, the extended list of safety features that add convenience include:

1. Anti-Lock Brakes

2. Curtain and side Airbags

3. Multi-Information Display

4. Vehicle Skid Control

5. GPS Navigation

6. Rearview Camera

7. Rear Seat Entertainment System



4.     Fuel Efficiency & Maintenance Cost

Toyota Harrier 2008 is elegant and is well-known for bringing decades of reliability and dependability to the users. It is considered the most fuel-efficient car that Toyota has ever produced providing a fuel economy of approximately 12 to 14 Kilometers per Liter.



Specifications at a Glance:

1. Engine Capacity – 2362 CC

2. Cylinders - Four

3. Valves - Sixteen

4. Max Power - 160 Bhp / 5600 rpm

5. Max Torque - 221 Nm / 4000 rpm

6. Transmission Type – 5 Speed Automatic Transmission

7. Gross Vehicle Weight – 1950 kg

8. Fuel Tank Capacity – 65 Liters

9. Front Brakes - Disc Dimensions - V disk

10. Rear Brakes - Disc Dimensions - Disk Brake

11. Adjustable Power Windows

12. Power Seats

13. Curtain and Side Airbags

14. Power Locks

15. Sunroof



Toyota Harrier 2008 Price In Uganda

The base Toyota Harrier 2008 price in Uganda starts from as low as USD 4,900. Considering the Harriers models and variants, the prices can go up to USD 6,210 for used cars. Moreover, it comes in three models:

1. Toyota Harrier Grand

2. Elegance

3. Elegance GS

4. Toyota Harrier Premium

5. Premium Advanced



Toyota Harrier 2008 Style & Design

The Toyota Harrier came into the market with a new design technique that makes it stand out from all other Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) available in the International market. The Toyota Harrier was initially manufactured for suburbanites. It is classified into four different generations with respect to engine, design, and safety performance:

1. First Generation – 1997 - 2003

2. Second Generation – 2003 - 2013

3. Third Generation – 2013 - 2019

4. Fourth Generation – June 2020 - Present

Each generation of Toyota Harrier has seen a consistent commitment to the enhancement and eye-catching aesthetics. Even though people believe that the Toyota Harrier is the same as Lexus RX 300; however, this is not true.

Toyota Harrier 2008, a second-generation model, is manufactured with safety at the forefront. The outcome is a car that has always been top-rated in all features, including side, front and back impact; and rollover testing.



Toyota Harrier 2008 is a turbocharged subcompact Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV). It is an exciting alternative available in the segment of Sport Utility Vehicles with major advancements, suitable refinements, and a sporty Toyota Harrier 2008 interior.

Toyota harrier 2008 price in Uganda recommends that this vehicle is a value for money. Investing in this vehicle can get you the best Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) at reasonable prices.

The detailed analysis in this article can provide you with a thorough review and a better idea about the Toyota Harrier 2008

Are you ready to buy a used Toyota Harrier that online exporters are willing to sell? SBT Japan is here to help you. You can contact our friendly sales staff for all queries and questions regarding the importing or purchasing process of Toyota Harrier.

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