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  1. CALDINA 1999 Toyota CALDINA

    Price: US$ 905

  2. CALDINA 2002 Toyota CALDINA

    Price: US$ 1,238

  3. CALDINA 2005 Toyota CALDINA

    Price: US$ 886

  4. CALDINA 2005 Toyota CALDINA

    Price: US$ 1,562

  5. CALDINA 2004 Toyota CALDINA

    Price: US$ 1,100

  6. CALDINA 2007 Toyota CALDINA

    Price: US$ 1,226

  7. CALDINA 2006 Toyota CALDINA

    Price: US$ 1,695

  8. CALDINA 2005 Toyota CALDINA

    Price: US$ 1,072

  9. CALDINA 2005 Toyota CALDINA

    Price: US$ 867

  10. CALDINA 2002 Toyota CALDINA

    Price: US$ 1,286

Toyota Caldina For Sale In Uganda

Toyota Caldina for sale in Uganda is a balanced and fun vehicle to drive. It has all the cutting edge trimmings you could require without feeling overpowering. This sedan makes incredible force and serves well as a day by day driver or a mountain street racer, with a lot of space for passengers and luggage. Arguably, it is a lively cart with more oomph than anticipated. It is accessible in three generation, and each of the models have done well in its capacity. It turns out to be a mainstream and solid vehicle for families, making it a perfect family-oriented car. This vehicle had witnessed subtle changes to the overall structure and included practical features that were inadequate in the previous models. Accessibility of alternatives were additionally expanded with the third era, and existing highlights were given a decent clean and update. The unwavering quality and steadfastness of the vehicle recommend it as a reliable workhorse. This vehicle offers an ideal mix of incredible common sense and execution effectiveness. The vehicle endows sufficiency, practicality and inside plushness, making it the most appropriate car for family-focused buyers. It is as yet outperforming the opposition and going well beyond customers in terms of reliability, performance and versatility.



Toyota Caldina for sale in Uganda is accessible in various trim levels, including X, ZT, Z and GT with improved changes and standard highlights. GT-four adaptation is a lot of famous among customers because of its high donning nature. This form of Caldina is structured on platform of Celica-GT sports car, offering punchiest run and exciting drive as far as possible. In any case, the third genenration models utilized the new stage taking after attributes with Allion and Premio that fills in as sturdy and trust-commendable vehicle. This vehicle appears to be great and energetic workhorse, accessible at a sensible value run. Its sports body kit and grille, large bonnet scoop supplying air to the turbocharged engine and the 17-inch alloy wheel allow it to accelerate well on road. Inside out design details and the intuitively design dashboard I made up of high quality material. Back to front plan subtleties and the naturally structure dashboard which comprises of top notch material. Metallic silver completion on the middle comfort, CD player sound system, climate control, air-conditioning and leather-wrapped steering wheel are standard. Agreeable and extensive seats with plentiful space for headroom and legroom, and minuscule extra rooms let travelers to appreciate the ride with their pack and luggage


Rich In Practicality

The interior is very open for travelers and luggage, as it permits five travelers to sit easily with most extreme payload space. It likewise offers plentiful legroom and headroom to the travelers. The cabin of the vehicle is well prepared, gave propelled highlights like atmosphere control, cooling and a useful dashboard. The controlling wheel is wrapped up with cowhide which empowers simple treatment of vehicle. It is additionally offered with medium-size glove box and little stockpiling box for keeping additional stuff. This vehicle has the capability of towing as well, as it is skilled to tow 500kg and 1200kg for unbraked and braked respectively. It includes sportier suspension which drives hard on streets to stay away from body roll. It also offers good level safety on the go thanks to plenty of safety kits. The package includes airbags, anti-lock braking, traction control, electronic brake force distribution and vehicle stability controller as standard to deliver safe and sound driving experience.


Toyota Caldina for sale in Uganda is one of the noticeable vehicles of the range which is prestigious for its superior and reasonableness. Under the hood, you will discover a few motor choices including 1.5, 1.8, or 2.0 liter motor for petrol, though 2.0 or 2.2 liter motor for diesel. The 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder motor is standard which produces 191kW of output power and 324Nm of torque, offering worthy efficiency and immaculate mileage. In addition, it is prescribed to utilize diesel motor for wearing execution and thrilling drive. It combines with 4 or 5-speed manual transmission alternatives to offer the distinctive degree of fuel utilization productivity. It is a cheap to buy and cheap to run alternate. The vehicle is incredibly adequate for family hauler and city dwellers as it promises to deliver a decent mileage with great fuel economy. It provides ample amount of gripping on turns and twisty roads. The suspension provides better road feel and control over rough terrains. The steering is well connected to the chassis that delivers good road feedback. Moreover, it is a handy car to run on highways country roads.

Shipping To Uganda

Toyota Caldina for sale in Uganda is a cost-effective and ideal way of commuting on the distant routes. The shipment arrives from Japan to port of Mombasa or Dar es Salam, mostly via Ro-Ro service. However, the age of vehicle does not matter here but custom duty is levied on all imported vehicles as per the rules of General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs (G.A.T.T). All used vehicles are subjected to 15% import duty and 17% Value Added Tax. These vehicles also attract 2% of import commission and 4% of Withholding Tax

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