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Driving Dimension and Beauty Ornaments of Suzuki Vitara 4x4

  1. VITARA 2017 Suzuki VITARA

    Price: USD 24,900

  2. VITARA 2017 Suzuki VITARA

    Price: USD 25,600

  3. VITARA 2007 Suzuki VITARA

    Price: USD 4,200

  4. VITARA 2007 Suzuki VITARA

    Price: USD 4,500

  5. VITARA 2008 Suzuki VITARA

    Price: USD 3,700

  6. VITARA 2007 Suzuki VITARA

    Price: USD 3,300

  7. VITARA 2007 Suzuki VITARA

    Price: USD 4,200


Suzuki Vitara 4x4 is a compact crossover designed with rugged off-road style. In homage to its predecessors, it seems more reliable driving machine than its predecessors. Under the flagship of Suzuki it is illustrating the blend of 4x4 styles with kerb appeal. From eye-catching looks to the roomy interior and a generous list of equipment is making it a great value for money deal for cost-conscious buyers.


Power and Performance


The close inception of under the hood power configuration reveals that Vitara has a choice of 1.0-liter and 1.4-liter turbocharged engine. Here the 1.0-liter is a more economical and worthy option than the other one. 1.4-liter is also an excellent choice with the addition of an extra bit of power with plenty of decent driving dimensions. The outstanding performance efficiency is based on the automatic gearbox and optional four-wheel drive system. Firm suspension enables the vehicle to accelerate well for hours on rough roads. SZ-T and SZ5 are equipped with features like 17-inch alloy wheel and premium quality material without any compromise on ride quality. This comfortable small SUV has precise steering that keeps up the pace with the modern driving needs. Vitara engine is smooth and the vehicle works well on road to deliver a quiet and composed riding experience.


Comfortable and Convenient


It is easy to find comfort in Vitara because it has a well equipped and feature-rich inside space. From driver seat adjustment to steering wheel for height and reach, supportive and comfortable seats and the decent driving position everything is making it work well. Intelligent and intuitively design dashboard has a wide array of easy to reach dashes and controls. Box-like body, lofty but spacious seating position enables passengers to find comfort and convenience. A DAB radio, a USB socket, and Bluetooth or a more sophisticated system with integrated sat-nav and a touch screen display are few standard choices on different trim choice.


Safe and Durable


Quality and durability are the real strengths of Suzuki. Suzuki vehicles have a high ranking for occupant protection and reliability. Suzuki Vitara 4x4 for sale with modern looking and modern feeling interior is plush from inside and feel durable throughout the journey. Seven airbags, stability control, tire pressure monitoring ISOFIX mountings and hill hold controls are few valuable safety amenities. Cruise control, stop-start functionality, and keyless entry and start with adaptive cruise control and parking sensors on front and rear are few additional features for safety.


Cost and Verdict


Suzuki Vitara 4x4 price suggests it is a pocket-friendly and budget-friendly alternative. The vehicle is an appealing choice among masses just because of the low running and buying cost. The inexpensive nature of this unique workhorse is quite appealing for family-oriented buyers. Decent driving dimension and under the hood power configuration enabling it to deliver an adequate 53.3 mpg mileage and create a notable appearance on the road. In short, Vitara are a great car and ideal workhorse for gravel roads. This fully loaded five-seat compact SUV is boosting quiet impressive engine and very generous in terms of equipment.




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