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Suzuki Solio Price in Kenya and Features

  1. SOLIO 2016 Suzuki SOLIO

    Price: USD 13,750

  2. SOLIO 2011 Suzuki SOLIO

    Price: USD 4,650

  3. SOLIO 2012 Suzuki SOLIO

    Price: USD 6,340

  4. SOLIO 2011 Suzuki SOLIO

    Price: USD 5,110

  5. SOLIO 2011 Suzuki SOLIO

    Price: USD 6,100

  6. SOLIO 2015 Suzuki SOLIO

    Price: USD 7,030

  7. SOLIO 2015 Suzuki SOLIO

    Price: USD 11,320

  8. SOLIO 2011 Suzuki SOLIO

    Price: USD 4,180

  9. SOLIO 2011 Suzuki SOLIO

    Price: USD 4,650

  10. SOLIO 2016 Suzuki SOLIO

    Price: USD 11,970

Suzuki is a multinational corporation headquartered in Japan and known for its wide range of reliable and economical vehicles. The automobile company manufactures all-terrain vehicles and motorcycles.

Suzuki has a long list of popular vehicles, and one of them is the Suzuki Solio which has remained in production since 1997. That is a long time in running. The Suzuki Solio is also known as the Suzuki Wagon R+.



Suzuki Solio Features

The Suzuki Solio comes as a 5-door hatchback that remained in production from 1997 to 2010. It also comes as a 5-door minivan which went into production in 2010 and is still running successfully. The Suzuki Solio comes in a front-engine, four-wheel-drive for the Japanese market. For other markets, it is also available as a front-engine and front-wheel-drive.

The first-generation Suzuki Solio was launched in Japan in 1999 and in the European market in 2000. The door handles are the main difference between the Wagon R+ for both markets. It comes in a petrol and diesel engine with a 5-speed manual and 4-speed transmission. The 1248 cc I4 diesel engine is for the European market.

The second-generation Solio remained in production from 2010 to 2015 and is also known as Mitsubishi Delica. The power of its engine is 1242 cc VVT I4 with a continuously variable transmission (CVT).



Suzuki Solio Exterior

The Suzuki Solio is in its fourth generation. It is a Kei car which means it is lightweight, small, and fit for a family of four. While it might look like a box on wheels, it gives a solid look without a doubt.

It has a sharpened front fascia featuring large headlights and standard HID lamps. The rear has a simple light bar hiding the rear lights.



Suzuki Solio Interior

The Suzuki Solio has again won the heart of those crazy for cars with its brilliantly designed interior. The new Solio is not structured with the composition of tougher materials, but to give it an elegant look, they have designed it in the shape of a Vitara-like face.

While the Solio may look like a small car and it may seem like the passengers would feel suffocated, but that is not true at all as it is quite spacious, which comes as a surprise. Passengers in the front have enough legroom to rest their legs comfortably. The minivan uses its dimensions effectively, and all credit goes to the design team because they gave it a classy look and made sure that it could fit several people. The interior does not feel claustrophobic either.

The dashboard is sleek and simple and comes with an automatic aircon as standard. The touch screen comes fitted with a simple Clarion head unit where you can access most of the functions. The rear seats are revealed by electric sliding doors that elegantly glide away by a single push button, adding more value to this minivan.

The rear seats can be folded flat to make space in the cargo; however, you may have to compromise with legroom in this case. But it is a major benefit in any way as a lot of other cars in this range do provide this feature at all.



Suzuki Solio Performance and Drive

A 1.2-liter 3-cylindrical engine powers the Suzuki Solio. It may feel small by hatchback standards, but it is twice the capacity of what Kei cars usually get. It offers good performance, and you can even drive away smoothly for like a kilometer after being indicated with a red (out of fuel) light.

Moreover, the Solio is a well-balanced car with great handling, allowing it to easily make sharp turns without tipping over. While the exterior is tall, the vehicle has a low center of gravity.

The Suzuki Solio fuel consumption stands at 5.3-liter/100km, and for CO2 emission, it is 127 g/km. The Suzuki Solio hybrid version is a fuel-efficient model with a strong performance and acceleration feel. It comes with a motor-generator unit and Auto Gear Shift which gives the car its energy boost.

The AGS is a compact, lightweight and efficient transmission. Together both features in the Solio hybrid become the force behind the car superior driving performance. The Suzuki Solio hybrid comes in normal and eco-driving modes.

The normal mode has a responsive engine with a more driving force. It allows the driver brisk and strong driving. On the other hand, in eco mode, the driving force is controlled by making the acceleration milder and enhancing the frequency of EV driving. Moreover, it comes with a stop-and-go feature that suppresses the fuel consumption in congestion and parking.  



Suzuki Solio Generations

Suzuki Solio has been dominating the car market for quite a while now since its first launch in 1999. After that, it took a great hold on the global market and earned its name. Another great factor about these minivans is that they have been advancing the technologies and consumed materials from time to time and have reached a fourth-generation model by now. So, let us look at the generations and how they differ.

1. First Generation (1999 – 2010)

2. Second Generation (2010 – 2015)

3. Third Generation (2015 – 2020)

4. Fourth Generation (2020 – Present)

With each generation, there was a little change in the outlook as well as the specification. And with the progress, it keeps advancing. Like, if you will take a look at the cars from the first generation to the upgraded versions now, you can visibly see the difference. With each generation, Suzuki Solio kept upgrading, not just in terms of looks, but performance, too.



Suzuki Solio Color Schemes

Suzuki Solio not only grabs the attention of car lovers with its features but its mesmerizing color ranges, be it the shiny black, the pearly whites, the leafy green, the charming shade of maroon, glimmering blue, or the matte olive. It allows you to pick from the best color schemes. Other than that, navy blue, purple, ash gray, yellow, yellow-green, cyan, magenta, silver, red, dark cyan, and pearl; Suzuki Solio rocks in these shades as well.



Why is Suzuki Solio the Best Choice?

Suzuki Solio is a purchase that you would not regret.

Not only is it the perfect choice for a family car, but what makes it more unique is its functionalities. You get to benefit from all that it has to offer at a lower price range. Another major advantage that comes with the purchase of this minivan is low fuel consumption.

Suzuki Solio is fabricated with an instilled supercharger, and it works in a way that you would be getting more mileage without compromising the output. Another super cool feature is its size. It is compacted, having a length of 3710 mm, which makes it the winner for crowded areas, as it is pretty convenient to park and does not take much space.

So, be it the elegant look, the smooth mileage, or the spectacular color ranges, Suzuki Solio price in kenya is an all-rounder and the ultimate front-runner in this price range.

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