Subaru Legacy B4 OR Toyota Mark X - Which One Is Better?

  1. FIT 2007 Toyota FIT

    Price: USD 600

  2. LEGACY 2014 Toyota LEGACY

    Price: USD 10,333


    Price: USD 695

  4. LEGACY 2015 Toyota LEGACY

    Price: USD 17,495

  5. LEGACY 2015 Toyota LEGACY

    Price: USD 11,571

  6. AZ WAGON 2008 Toyota AZ WAGON

    Price: USD 619

  7. PORTE 2007 Toyota PORTE

    Price: USD 619

  8. LEGACY 2011 Toyota LEGACY

    Price: USD 2,934

  9. LEGACY 2015 Toyota LEGACY

    Price: USD 19,019

  10. LEGACY 2013 Toyota LEGACY

    Price: USD 13,095

Overview of Both Cars

Subaru is a Japanese vehicle manufactured by a Japanese automobile company since the year of 1989. The car soon gained a huge market all over the world, however Subaru Legacy B4 was first introduced in the year 2003 and is one of the most desirable vehicles to ever hit the Japanese market. Toyota Mark X is a mid size vehicle car that is made for a small family. This car made its debut in Japan in the year 2004 and is usually been sold on Toyota stores. Toyota Mark X is very popular for its classy features and stylish looks and has a huge customer market especially in Japan.



subaru legacy b4The exterior of these cars is no less then extraordinary as both of these cars are four wheel drives ideal for a small family; the wheel base for Subaru is 2750mm where the wheel base for Mark X is 2850mm. The overall length of both cars is almost identical as Subaru length is 4730mm where the length of Mark X is 4750mm. From fancy headlights to fog lights that provide an amazing view even in the dark foggy nights. Also include safety bumpers to adsorbed impact with good road gripping tires that provide a solid grip even on wet roads. Both of these vehicles have a overall sporty yet classy style look with and both comes in many different colors that one can choose from.


The interior of Toyota Mark X and Subaru Legacy B4 is very classy as both of these vehicles consist of 4 passenger seats covered with smooth material, with the ability of fitting in four to maximum five passengers at a time both of these cars provide a good amount of leg and arm space for each passenger. Toyota Mark features include a radio, high quality video player, power windows with an adjustable steering wheel that makes it even more high tech, along with super power entrance locks and door locks with a direction improvement system.


Subaru Legacy B4 however have a luxury wood grain interior with smooth seats and carpet all across the vehicle, other features include transmission shifter bezel and audio bezel along with multifunctional remote controlled doors along with remote controlled fuel tang cap opening system. This car has carpet in its trunk that gives it a unique look, a tool kit is also present and basic air cooling system is also installed to deal with the heat.


Fuel Consumption

The fuel tank of Subaru is around 65 liters with the average fuel consumption of 14 liters/100 km. which is a little less then Mark X which fuel tank can hold up to a solid 71 liter with the fuel consumption of 10.6km/L, however the Sabaru B4 have a turbocharged petrol engine with 4 cylinders and Mark x engine type is naturally aspirated petrol engine.


The interior and exterior of these cars is extremely sophisticated and high tech that adds few more starts to their ratings making them perfect for a small family.



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