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Scania G420-A Heavy-Machine That Moves The Human Spirit

  1. SCANIA 2011 Scania SCANIA

    Price: USD 23,925

Scania G420 for sale is a versatile truck, manufactured by leading Sweden automaker Scania. It is reputed in the trucking industry for its payload, comfort and fuel consumption. This vehicle has been pretty close to being jack of all trades thanks to its solid structure and exceptional detailing. It is widely appreciated for its long hauling operations, and is configured for variety of applications. This truck is available in 4x2, 6x2, 6x4 and 8x4 configurations, offered with Day, Sleeper and Highline Cabs. It is mounted with the best selling engine of the lineup. The 11.7-liter six-cylinder engine is highly suitable for long distance traffic. Overall, it is performance-oriented truck, boasting an economical and efficient drive.



Scania G420 for sale is a finest choice to compromise between bigger R-series and smaller P-series trucks. It features extremely spectacular design element and details, making it a perfect hauler in the whole lineup. It wears a V-shaped grille and sports a dynamic pattern that flows down directly toward bumper. However, a slightly smaller gap between bumper and front hood unveil its beauty from outside. Its heavily-sculpted body and enhanced aerodynamic offers fruitful hauling operations on long distances. It comes with lot of interior trim options, facilitated with a generous program of personalization. The dashboard is intuitively laid out with logical controls and functional switches. It is given with highly comfortable seats that boast adequate back support. The cabin feels more modern and ergonomic in nature, offering a good grab. It also offers various adjustments including adjustable steering wheel. Besides, there are lots of storage places around the cab to keep your things conveniently.



Scania G420 for sale is known for its exceptional ride quality, ensuring comfortable and pliant driving experience. This truck feels completely balanced and stable, plus it also executes good road manners with accurate power steering. It drives smoothly on long haul operation, offering good road feedback. It is powered by 11.7-liter inline six-cylinder diesel engine that produces net power of 420 horsepower and generous amount of low-end torque. It runs at low rpm during normal operation. This truck also offers good suspension comfort, and remains extremely quite on the long roads. It handles well and maneuvers slowly on the steep incline. This vehicle also achieves excellent consumption values at 6.63mpg. It is mated to standard Opticruise transmission that shifts gear sharply and faster. Moreover, it is one of economical and quickest trucks in the range.



In best-used condition, you can purchase Scania G420 for sale at good price, ranging from 22000USD to 76000USD. However, the cost varies as per model, mileage and condition of the car.

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