Nissan Wingroad Review & Assessment

  1. WINGROAD 2009 Nissan WINGROAD

    Price: USD 2,900

  2. WINGROAD 2007 Nissan WINGROAD

    Price: USD 1,780

  3. WINGROAD 2007 Nissan WINGROAD

    Price: USD 1,940

  4. WINGROAD 2007 Nissan WINGROAD

    Price: USD 2,900

  5. WINGROAD 2014 Nissan WINGROAD

    Price: USD 3,210

  6. WINGROAD 2010 Nissan WINGROAD

    Price: USD 3,220

  7. WINGROAD 2016 Nissan WINGROAD

    Price: USD 4,840

  8. WINGROAD 2013 Nissan WINGROAD

    Price: USD 3,730

  9. WINGROAD 2016 Nissan WINGROAD

    Price: USD 4,710

  10. WINGROAD 2016 Nissan WINGROAD

    Price: USD 3,060

Nissan Wingroad is the recreational vehicle, engineered, manufactured and markets to automotive industry with SR20DE rather than GA15DE, SR18DE, and GA13DS. The innovative version of late 90’s embraces the feel of both wagons and existing vans combined with slight off-road vibe and sportier structuring. The Nissan wingroad proved itself as the extended and winged edition of AD wagons, restructured with more strong and powerful engine specs. The recreational process also bring a better rear end with a larger rear overhang and optional four-wheel drive system. Used Japanese Nissan Wingroad are popular in various countries of the world including Kenya, Pakistan, Trinidad, Sri Lanka and Russia. The most famous models include Nissan Wingroad 2014, 2012, 2011, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006 & 2005.

Nissan Wingroad Performance

nissan wingroadThe attractive and stylish Wingraod is relatively differ than the previous lineup of Nissan wagons on the basis of three unique and significant attributes. First, the wingroad’s functionality that involves convenient features and superior attributes including washable luggage board and simple bench seat near to luggage section. Additionally, all the seats except the driver’s one can get folded through remote control. Second, the wingroad’s interior room that is highly configurable as per the driving comfort level. The diver’s and passenger’s seats can slide and recline completely – creating more space in the rear seat as compared to the other vans. Third, wingroad’s performance and efficiency that provide an enjoyable driving experience even during the off-road pathway.

Nissan Wingroad Engine Specs

Nissan wingroad is proposed with sturdy suspension system that integrates the high-end car’s specifications. The automobile comes with the option of two different engines either MR18DE or HR15DE. To deliver greater torque the all-aluminum MR18DE engine coupled with CVT in low to medium momentum ranges that result in more improvised fuel economy. However, the HR15DE engine offer enhanced torque at equivalent low to medium speed, improvised fuel consumption and quieter functioning than the earlier Wingroad lineup.

Nissan Wingroad Interior & Exteriornissan wingroad

Nissan introduced wingroad in entirely two idiosyncratic versions; The sporty Aero series and; The standard RX/RS. Nissan wingroad’s exterior is the signature feature that comes with a smooth blend of stylish and sporty glimpse. The fine character line run along the middle of wingroad’s body stirred by the appearance of meteor tail. The rear-end style brings a vibrant 3-D gaze meanwhile, the wave-like line frame at the side windows – delivering a corporate look to the luggage as well as within cabin area. Nissan Wingroad interior also represents an eye-catching theme of “low-profile and super-rounded”.  The comfortable driving seat with rear slide seats that can recline to 10 distinct positions – making up to almost 40 degree angle. The instrumental panel  with metallic finishing, rounded and airy interior, and premium quality leather are the core features of Nissan Wingroad’s interior.

Nissan Wingroad Fuel Consumption & Price

Average fuel consumption of Nissan Wingroad is about 26 mpg. The car embraces standard safety specs that include dual SRS airbag feature and front-seat Active Head Restraints to safeguard the lives of Driver and front passenger. Even the automobile is produced with low integration of fuel consumption . The entire range of Nissan Wingroad is certified as super ultra-low emission vehicles (SU-LEVs) as the car emit 75 per cent decreased exhaustive emission than the Japan’s exhaust emission regulations. Across the gloabe Nissan wingroad fuel consumption and economy  ranks among the finest class – extending it’s driving quality, performance and over-all efficiency.

The used and second hand Nissan Wingroad’s are also available for sale in different countries. The price for the used Nissan Wingroad starts from 10 Lacs or $150,37 and going on as per the updated versions and innovative features or specs.


Nissan Wingroad Y11 and Y12

Nissan Wingroad Y11 introduced in 1999 and was only available with a station wagon body. Mechanically, it is similar to Nissan Sunny B15 but exterior was quite different. Nissan Wingroad Y12 was launched in Dec 2006. The car is similar to Nissan Note E11 and Nissan Livina station wagon.


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