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Buy Secondhand Nissan March In Cyprus At Cheap Prices

  1. MARCH 2014 Nissan MARCH

    Price: USD 6,560

  2. MARCH 2016 Nissan MARCH

    Price: USD 7,750

  3. MARCH 2018 Nissan MARCH

    Price: USD 9,770

  4. MARCH 2008 Nissan MARCH

    Price: USD 3,320

  5. MARCH 2010 Nissan MARCH

    Price: USD 3,690

  6. MARCH 2011 Nissan MARCH

    Price: USD 2,340

  7. MARCH 2007 Nissan MARCH

    Price: USD 3,000

  8. MARCH 2011 Nissan MARCH

    Price: USD 2,710

  9. MARCH 2003 Nissan MARCH

    Price: USD 2,320

  10. MARCH 2016 Nissan MARCH

    Price: USD 10,950

Nissan March - A Sober Automobile

Globally, the demand of super minis has been increased by consumers, because these cars are affordable, economical and reliable. Due to increased demand of these vehicles, Nissan March for sale in Cyprus has also become the hottest property in the range of super minis.


It is stylish small car which is elegant in body design. It has sober interior and is equipped with raft of technical and advanced features that makes the drive easy. This super mini consists of loaded kit and safety features which enhance the comfort level. Overall, Nissan March is one of the improved and competitive cars of this era.


Loveable Drive

Nissan March was introduced in the market at 1982. Since then, manufacturers have added various models to meet your requirements. The models of 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 and 2010 are among its famous and most demanded models. Traditionally, it is a five door hatchback but it is also offered in three-door with distinctive exterior that make it unique from other subcompact cars.


The car is also capable to deliver versatile performance on rough terrain as its high-execution suspension works to provide reliable relief. However, it is not as luxurious as premium cars but it is incorporated with high technology features that bolster the quality of ride. Moreover, Nissan March for sale in Cyprus is leading the entire market of subcompact cars.


Salient Features

The car has an appealing body design which creates enough space for passengers. Cargo space is well-managed, offering capacity to seat 4 adults comfortably. The rear seats provide enough headroom for adults and the boot is of large size which has space for 300 liters including plenty of handy storage space. The seats and driving position are also up to the mark. Short wheelbase makes it sleek in shape and the rear hidden door handles bring more elegance in its look. It is fun to steer Nissan March as the steering is light and direct. In addition, it has exceptional handling and maneuvering characteristics than other rival cars.


Engineering Characteristics

Although, it weighs only 2020 lb but the car has strong engineering built. Nissan March for sale in Cyprus is equipped with 1.2-liter three-cylinder engine, mated to belt-driven transmission that generates 79 horsepower and 80 lb-ft of torque. The engine is based on Miller-Cycle which is normally found in Hybrids. This cycle ensures better fuel efficiency, lower emissions, and the whole combination delivers excellent starting and acceleration.


In previous models, variety of inline four-cylinder engines is mounted in the vehicles ranging from 990cc petrol engine to 1460cc diesel engine. All engines are fixed with an automatic or manual transmission that provides smooth shift. There is no doubt that this automobile offers strong economy figure in diesel as well as in petrol which clearly shows its high engineering characteristics.


Impressive Features

Nissan March is equipped with all mandatory advanced safety features including double SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) front airbags. It also features anti-lock braking system, electronic brake energy distribution, and brake assists. Apart from these, it has combined fuel economy of 61 mpg, and top speed of 111mph.


This car delivers punchy acceleration from 0-60mph in 11.9 seconds and has reduced CO2 emissions ranging from 85-115g/kg. The price of Nissan March in Cyprus is also reasonable, you can easily get used Nissan March from Japan within price range of US1000 to US5000 dollars. Furthermore, it is best ever super mini which is affordable as well as reliable.


Shipping to Cyprus

Imported used cars should be less than 5 years at time of arrival in Cyprus. Right-Hand Drive vehicles are allowed and Left-Hand Drive can be imported on some conditions. After inspection of vehicle, it will be shipped to Larnaca or Limmasol port and further documentation will be carried out. However, Cyprus imposes import and excise duty including registration and road tax on basis of cubic capacity of engine and CO2 emissions.


Nissan March is one of the best vehicles in range of subcompact cars; buyers who are habitual of super mini, this car will surely touch their hearts.


Cities of Cyprus Where Japanses Used Cars Are Popular

  • Nicosia
  • Limassol
  • Larnaca
  • Famagusta
  • Paphos
  • Kyrenia
  • Protaras

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