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Nissan Frontier For Sale In Ghana

Nissan Frontier For Sale In Ghana is a mid-size pickup truck with strong on-road performance and a comprehensive variety of desirable extras.

The declaration of the third generation of the Nissan Frontier for sale in Ghana creates new ground. Doing this, the inside and exterior aesthetics are completely revamped, the capabilities are improved, and a few new features are included.

The inside is more modern, with notably nicer materials. As a result, driving is significantly more enjoyable than the previous model thanks to smoother ride comfort and more adept curve handling. Additionally, technology is more sophisticated regarding improved safety measures and entertainment.



Specifications Of Nissan Frontier For Sale In Ghana

Nissan Frontier for sale in Ghana is equipped with a V-6 310-hp engine locked to a 9-speed automatic transmission. Moreover, it is available in rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive versions. Some of the other specifications of Nissan Frontier include:

1. Vehicle Type: Front-Engine

2. 5 Passenger Seating

3. 4 Door Pickup

4. Rear Wheel Drive

5. Four Wheel House

6. Wheelbase -0 Inches

7. Length -2 Inches

8. Height -9 Inches

9. Width -7 Inches

10. Engine - V-6 DOHC 24-Valve

11. Remote Keyless Entry

12. Transmission – 9 Speed Automatic

13. Nissan Frontier Mileage - 17 Mpg

14. Automatic Emergency Braking

15. Blind Spot Warning

16. Rear Automatic Braking

17. Pedestrian Detection

18. Rear Cross Traffic Alert

19. Android Auto

20. Apple Carplay Integration

21. Lane Departure Warning

22. High Beam Assist



Nissan Frontier Interior & Exterior

The Nissan Frontier pickup has undergone a redesign in the latest generation. Zero Density front-row seating, meant to lessen weariness on those longer journeys, is available for you and one lucky co-pilot.

While the Crew Cab can accommodate five passengers, the Frontier King Cab can accommodate up to four. Set your cabins climate with the remote engine start system with sophisticated climate control. Winter excursions will be less burdened with the heated front seats and steering wheel.

Significant dips and bumps are easily ignored at full speed, and the Frontier maintains a similar level of composure in populated areas. The Frontier other features are not as impressive. Because there are no seat modifications and the material on the front seats is a little too firm and flat, it could be difficult to find the right seating position.

The new Nissan has undergone the most significant modifications this year at the front end. You will see that the sculpted hood emphasizes a bulky appearance while the grille and headlamps interlock in a way that grabs the attention.

During low-visibility driving, your front and rear are illuminated by the LED headlights and taillights. These include a wireless connection, an 8-inch screen, a 7-inch display drivers gauge panel, Apple CarPlay, front and rear USB connections, a nine-speaker Fender audio system, and more.



Engine Performance

Whenever it comes to power, Nissan Frontier is at the top of its game. You will easily manage rocky roads if you have Bilstein shocks, off-road tires, and an automatic locking rear mechanical. The following chart includes the Nissan Frontiers engine specifications.

The time it took for our Frontier Pro-4X test vehicle to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph was 7.8, which is standard for the class. But in regular driving, the engine shines. There is enough midrange power, and the transmission distributes seamless shifts even when moving forward at full throttle. The brakes of the Frontier operate similarly well. They are simple to use in city traffic and have adequate power to stop the vehicle, when necessary, quickly.

Although the towing capacity varies greatly, the Nissan Frontier for sale in Ghana grades comes standard with a 3.8-liter V6 engine that makes 310 horsepower. Therefore, you may be confident that the pickup truck will operate without issue when moving through difficult terrain. Some specs of the engine are:

1. Engine -8L V6

2. Transmission - 9-speed automatic.

3. Horsepower – 310 Hp

4. Torque - 281 lb-ft

5. Maximum towing capability - 6,720 pounds

6. The maximum payload capacity - 1,610 pounds



Safety Features:

There are several safety features, some of which are described below.



Emergency Braking Robotics With Object Detection

Auto Hard Braking with Object detection will alert you if you need to slow down by keeping track of your speed and the space between you and the vehicle in front of you.

It can also instantly apply the brakes to prevent a collision or decrease the likelihood of an impact. And it can stop you in your path when it notices a person in the crosswalk.



Automated Braking In The Back

Maintain your bumper. The boundary with optional class-exclusive Rear automatic braking keeps an eye out in your immediate rearview for huge stationary objects that you may not see. Then, to prevent a rear accident or decrease the severity of an impact, it can instantly apply the brakes if it notices something and you do not stop.



Blind Spot Alert

The optional Blind Spot Warning feature on the Frontier keeps an eye on the blind spot region and alerts you if it notices a car hiding there.



Lane Departure Warning

A mild buzz on the steering wheel might alert you if the system notices you are drifting over.



Rear Traffic Ahead Indicator

Have no road or car parks fear. Standard Rear Cross Traffic Detection keeps watching from the backside of your Frontier as you reverse out of your spot and can alarm you to any vehicles it notices sneaking up onto you from either side.



High Beam Support

Everyone appreciates how High Beam Assist can instantly turn off the high lights on a Frontier if it notices an approaching car. Likewise, the system can turn on the high beams after the driver has passed.


Nissan Frontier Mileage & Fuel Average

The Nissan Frontier mileage offers a maximum of 18 mpg within the city streets and 24 mpg on the freeways. On the other hand, the numbers may vary significantly depending on your chosen options.



Nissan Frontier Pricing

The Nissan Frontier for sale in Ghana will cost around 618,586 Ghanaian Cedi (approximately 44,000 USD) and was roughly properly equipped, which is the standard price for a well-equipped mid-size vehicle.

In addition, the Nissan Frontier offers a better-built and significantly better interior than others in its class, although lacking some of the innovative off-road technology of its rivals.

However, at this price, it is hard to ignore the absence of a telescopic steering wheel and a power-sliding back window. The price in Ghana is Ghanaian Cedi 135,000.



The Final Word

The Nissan Frontier for sale in Ghana is one of the best mid-size pickup trucks with robust on-road performance and a massive variety of desirable extras. Moreover, the pickup provides Nissan Frontier mileage of more than 18 mpg, which is the best for other pickups with the same price range.


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