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Nissan Elgrand – The Better Size the Better Features!

  1. ELGRAND 2010 Nissan ELGRAND

    Price: USD 12,424

  2. ELGRAND 2015 Nissan ELGRAND

    Price: USD 22,330

  3. ELGRAND 2015 Nissan ELGRAND

    Price: USD 33,547

  4. ELGRAND 2005 Nissan ELGRAND

    Price: USD 5,792

  5. ELGRAND 2015 Nissan ELGRAND

    Price: USD 42,981

  6. ELGRAND 2014 Nissan ELGRAND

    Price: USD 11,200

  7. ELGRAND 2012 Nissan ELGRAND

    Price: USD 7,264

  8. ELGRAND 2015 Nissan ELGRAND

    Price: USD 33,547

  9. ELGRAND 2014 Nissan ELGRAND

    Price: USD 26,000

  10. ELGRAND 2015 Nissan ELGRAND

    Price: USD 11,000

Nissan Motors Corporation is a well established and leading car manufacturing company to date with its mind boggling and heart throbbing technologically advanced vehicles and solutions. The company believes and strives for enriching the lives of people by providing them ease and affordability all at one place. The corporation works earnestly in manufacturing rides that are environmental friendly or are formulated under procedures that care for the environment on the whole.


Nissan elgrand is amongst the astounding creations by Nissan motors. It is known with different names in the international market such as fargo filly, isuzu filly, nissan caravan elgrand and homy elgrand. The vehicle started off its official production exclusively in year 1997 and since then newest addition is made to the series for a fresher look and feel for the customers.

The Chronology and Growth and Development

The life and growth and development of the exciting Nissan elgrand could be summarized into a period of three outstanding generations. Each generation experienced launch and unveil of new models in the series with better and improved transformation and facelift. The first generation release and circulated the E50 series with three doors, 3.3 liters to V6 engine and four speed automatic transmission and turbo diesel properties.


Second generation was from 2002 to 2010 and launched the E51 series that carried features such as the four doors, 3.5 liters engine, five speed automatic transmission, manumatic shifting, 2950 mm long wheelbase, 4835 mm length, 1795 mm width and height of about 1920 mm approximately. The elgrand rider was unveiled in second generation and it brought years of success and ample revenues for the company. Third generation series is called as the E52 with full size body style, four wheel drive train, 3.5 liters engine, 7 speed x-tronic transmission, 3000 mm long wheelbase, 4915 mm length, 1850 mm width and 1815 mm height.

Exterior and Interior Dimensions

The exterior and interior dimensions of the current models are smartly designed by the engineers as per the current tastes and trends of the end users and their families. The measurements are scaled for the convenience while finalizing the purchase decision. The interior dimensions and parameters are: 4740 mm length, 1775 mm width, 1945 mm height of the exterior body, 3030 mm length, 1645 mm width and height of about 1290 mm of the interior cabin, 2900 mm long wheelbase for effective control and handling of the car, 1510 mm tread, 140 mm ground clearance, 2100 kilograms vehicle weight, seating capacity for five people, 4 doors, 5.6 minimum turning radius and fuel tank capacity of 76 liters for economy over city and highway roads.

High Performing Interior and Exterior Specifications

Nissan elgrand new and used models offered for sale are equipped with high performing interior and exterior features that have practicality and durability. The specifications are designed taking into view customer likes and dislikes and includes equipment such as the optional sunroof and moon roof, rear wipers, privacy glass, air conditioning system, UV cutting glass, power windows and the safety amenities. Despite of provision of almost all latest features, the vehicle is very moderately priced for the local and international customers.  

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