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Nissan Bluebird Sylphy for Sale In Kenya – Here Is What You Need to Know

  1. BLUEBIRD 1992 Nissan BLUEBIRD

    Price: USD 3,520

  2. BLUEBIRD 1993 Nissan BLUEBIRD

    Price: USD 5,500

  3. BLUEBIRD 1987 Nissan BLUEBIRD

    Price: USD 8,160

  4. BLUEBIRD 1974 Nissan BLUEBIRD

    Price: USD 14,460

  5. BLUEBIRD 1991 Nissan BLUEBIRD

    Price: USD 5,370

  6. BLUEBIRD 1980 Nissan BLUEBIRD

    Price: USD 7,380

  7. BLUEBIRD 1985 Nissan BLUEBIRD

    Price: USD 8,340

  8. BLUEBIRD 1991 Nissan BLUEBIRD

    Price: USD 3,990

  9. BLUEBIRD 1999 Nissan BLUEBIRD

    Price: USD 9,400

Since its launch, Nissan has been well known for producing reliable cars. Apart from trucks and MPVs, Nissan has several small vehicles that are always in demand. As a result, Nissan has established trading and manufacturing facilities in different regions, facilitating the imports and export of spare parts.
As a result, Nissan family cars are in high demand due to their reliability and ease of maintenance. For individuals interested in Nissan small vehicles, various choices are available through Japan worldwide dealers. The costs are consistently cheap, and the car remains in excellent shape for many upcoming years. Moreover, such vehicles from reputable manufacturers can be maintained for an extended period of time, fulfill their purpose, and then resold without difficulty.
Apart from the fact that you may get older models of the most popular Nissan vehicles at an affordable price and one can sometimes find models not initially available in their original run. For example, one of the most successful models of Nissan to date is the Nissan Bluebird Sylphy.

Safety Threshold 

The Bluebird does not have any local safety ratings that are available. NCAP testing conducted in Japan in 2003 earned a perfect six-star rating for driver protection and a five-star rating for passenger safety. All Bluebirds cars are equipped with airbags for the driver and front passenger and anti-lock brakes. There are not any additional safety features available.
No ISOFIX child seat mounting points are available in the back. The lap-only style belt is used in the center rear seat, providing less protection than the shoulder style belt.

Reliable Vehicle

As per Nissan Bluebird Sylphy reviews, the engine of this car is seen as quite dependable. However, the last version of Nissan 2-liter engine can have overheating problems. Therefore, it is too soon to determine whether the current generation engine would suffer from the same problem. However, because of the possible overheating issues, one must monitor coolant levels and ensuring the vehicle is serviced regularly.
In a few rare instances, the CVT automatic transmission has collapsed at high mileages over 150,000 kilometers. The transmission first indication of this will be a grumble. The most cost-effective way to repair it is to exchange it for a secondhand one, which might cost you at least $1,500.
While turning, a knock in the steering column is most often caused by a weak steering column universal joint. At low speeds, verify this by swiveling the steering wheel side to side. A replacement would cost between $500 to $1,000.
One of the most common problems with the vehicle is bubbling, which occurs on top of its dashboard.

Fuel Consumption

The Bluebird Sylphy average mileage is about 29 miles per gallon. The petrol engine is more fuel-efficient, whereas the diesel engine is more powerful. While the initial generation offered both diesel and gasoline engines, subsequent generations established the car status as a fuel-efficient vehicle with low fuel consumption and simplicity of maintenance. Overall, 90 percent of anonymous consumers approved of the vehicle fuel economy.

Interior and Exterior Design

The Bluebird seems to be a scaled-down version of Nissan mid-size sedan, the Maxima/Teana. Its nose is slanted and has a chrome grille and big headlamps. The back is very curved, seems larger than the car dimensions, and provides a roomy trunk. Nevertheless, it is larger than most other compact sedans and might nearly be considered a mid-sized vehicle.
The seats and dashboard have been designed to make them seem rounded and plump, almost like antique furniture. Unfortunately, that may not be to taste of everyone in the modern era. 
The gauges are mounted in pods and are big and straightforward. The center console has a matte-finished wood accent.
Air conditioning with climate control is included as a standard feature. The seats are generously sized, plush, and supportive. Electric controls are available to adjust the driver seat. Legroom is abundant in the rear. Many say that the Bluebird has the same legroom as a Toyota Camry due to the contoured backs of the front seats.
The rear seats are spacious, but they seem designed more for two rather than three people. The center position has a substantial bulge at the rear to provide additional support for window passengers. It also lacks a headrest.
The boot is unmatched in its class. With a capacity of 504 liters, it can transport at least two big bags and one smaller suitcase. The back seats do not fold flat, and a ski port in the center allows for the passage of long and narrow objects. In addition, the boot entrance is wide and low, which facilitates easy loading.

Smooth Drive

There are two engine options: 

  1. 1.5-litre 
  2.  2-litre four-cylinder petrol engines

Both engines are mated to a CVT automatic gearbox, except rear-wheel-drive vehicles, which are equipped with a four-speed automatic. The car is equipped with the same 2-liter engine as the Nissan Qashqai, but it produces less power at 193Nm and 98kW. The engine is very smooth and does not create noise. There is enough power available for daily driving, even while carrying a load.
It does not seem to want to be driven hard, and the CVT, while smooth, will rapidly crank the engine when you do. Everything else has an air of lightness and gentleness about it. The steering wheel can be moved with one finger, and the front wheels provide minimal sensation. There is considerable body roll when cornering rapidly, even though there is enough grip and the car handling is safe. Additionally, the ride is enjoyable. Road irregularities and bumps are readily absorbed.
Towbars are easily available from unofficial sources with a towing capacity of 500kg (unbraked), equivalent to a small-size trailer, or up to 1,200kg (braked), which is equivalent to a small boat. That is an outstanding rating for a vehicle of this size.
The driver seat provides excellent forward visibility. However, the rear design obscures rear visibility. The G and Axis models are equipped with a reversing camera and a second camera indicating the vehicle proximity to the curb. If you purchase a Bluebird without a camera, it is recommended to get it installed yourself.


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