Mitsubishi Outlander 2008- Managing On-Road and Off-Road Experience

  1. OUTLANDER 2008 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER

    Price: USD 2,080

  2. OUTLANDER 2008 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER

    Price: USD 2,820

  3. OUTLANDER 2008 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER

    Price: USD 4,590

  4. OUTLANDER 2008 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER

    Price: USD 2,080

  5. OUTLANDER 2008 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER

    Price: USD 2,200

  6. OUTLANDER 2008 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER

    Price: USD 4,940

  7. OUTLANDER 2008 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER

    Price: USD 6,470

Mitsubishi Outlander 2008 had a number of changes that make the sedan sportier and powerful. The vehicle came with a number of options that makes the car stylish off-road and on-road experience. The car was first introduced in 2001 and is related to Mitsubishi Lancer, Mitsubishi Grandis and Mitsubishi RVR. The available features include hard drive based navigation system, 650 watt audio system, keyless entry and start, Bluetooth hand- free phone interface and much more. The vehicle has third row that is smaller than the first and second row. It is ideal to fit in your tiny members, though it is not recommended to fit in kids without safety precautions. The Mitsubishi Outlander 2008 review shows following positive points:

Driving Experience

mitsubishi outlander 2008The Mitsubishi Outlander 2008 for sale is a sporty crossover with quality up to the mark. The enhanced steering wheel and brake is complemented with tuned suspension and soothing front seats. This brings refined driving confidence and relieved mind of driver that makes all occupants feel home.  The horsepower is rightly managed for making the complex driving maneuvers happen quiet well; the responsive Power Window and Power Steering bring efficient output in less input requirement.


The interior and exterior are made up to the mark with Mitsubishi Outlander 2008 specs that stand out. The interior has cargo space at the back that stores luggage to quiet perfection. The second row passenger in XLS model can slide and recline for increasing space for luggage. The technologically friendly front seats are dynamic and athletic. The indicators in front of the driver tells about fuel consumption, mileage and engine temperature; keeping driver informed about the road conditions. The exterior body is four inch longer and one inch wider as compare to the previous generation. The innovative two piece tailgate is in flap fold layout. The cargo loading and unloading is made easy with goods for picnic and party carried well. The 16 inch steel wheels to 18 inch Alloy ones are there. The silver painted door handles, Roof Rail, bumper and much more contributes in giving an adventurous appearance.

Hood Powermitsubishi outlander 2008

The Mitsubishi Outlander 2008 price is brought in control by base 2.4 L engine and Continuously Variable Transmission. The fuel economy is managed by manual transmission, where the gear shift is in the hand of driver. It has been proven that there are people who change gear at optimal moment, having fuel consumed less as compare to others. The 2.4 L inline 4 has 168 horsepower while the 3.0 L V6 has 220 horsepower. Outside the hood the power features includes Air Conditioning System, locks and mirrors, remote keyless entry, audio system and cruise control. The safety features includes Active Stability and Traction Control, Anti-Lock Brakes and Airbags.

At last we can confidently say that Mitsubishi Outlander 2008 has carved its position as an SUV that serves the purpose of on-road everyday drive and off-road adventure filled journey simultaneously. It is a Mitsubishi that has brought promising experience and has made its way to the heart of customers.

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