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Mitsubishi Lancer For Sale In Kenya

  1. LANCER 2006 Mitsubishi LANCER

    Price: USD 31,810

  2. LANCER 2004 Mitsubishi LANCER

    Price: USD 14,090

  3. LANCER 1999 Mitsubishi LANCER

    Price: USD 17,470

  4. LANCER 1996 Mitsubishi LANCER

    Price: USD 12,450

  5. LANCER 2009 Mitsubishi LANCER

    Price: USD 23,890

  6. LANCER 1999 Mitsubishi LANCER

    Price: USD 23,560

  7. LANCER 2015 Mitsubishi LANCER

    Price: USD 24,230

  8. LANCER 2008 Mitsubishi LANCER

    Price: USD 14,180

  9. LANCER 2002 Mitsubishi LANCER

    Price: USD 17,220

  10. LANCER 2015 Mitsubishi LANCER

    Price: USD 42,040

Mitsubishi Lancer For Sale In Kenya Is Considered An Elegant Vehicle, With A Spectacular Figure And Smooth Curves

The Mitsubishi Lancer for sale in Kenya is considered an elegant vehicle, with a spectacular figure and smooth curves. In addition to an impeccable and legendary reputation for its performance on versatile terrians. The Lancer is a car with all the comforts and equipment to be an excellent family car. Seat belts in all positions, spacious interior, a capable trunk and enough visibility to move through traffic, largely aided by good-sized mirrors.


The pleasant drivers station has all the instruments and controls in the expected places so that no guessing is necessary during the journeys. Another point in its favor is the consumption in the city that the on-board computer indicated above 37 kilometers per gallon, is an impressive output. Driving in the city left us a very good impression due to its smoothness, ease of parking and the particular agility of the car.


Innovation Inside

The exterior refresh is limited to a innovative front with a single frame grille, which while modernizing the cars old aesthetic, takes away its characteristic aggressiveness. The front bumper is innovative too and now features boomerang-style LED daytime running lights on the side air intakes, which honestly look more like a third-party add-on than a factory product. At Mitsubishi Lancer price in Kenya, a buyer needs to test its two innovative colors and wheels complete the exterior aesthetic change. Likewise, in order for Mitsubishi to enter the fuel-efficient car markets, or relatively, they created a diesel MIVEC system, which has moved its technology to modern Lancers, a variable valve timing system that puts it in the game with the VVTI and the VTEC.


There are also some changes inside Mitsubishi Lancer for sale in Kenya, very notable if possible than on the outside. The dashboard has been completely redesigned and now houses a center console with a touch screen and USB socket. This innovative version releases sound equipment. In addition, the upholstery for the versions with cloth seats has been modified. It comes standard with climate control, alloy wheels, LED daytime running lights, fog lights and a innovative multimedia FUSE Hands-free Link System.


Lancer As Evolution

As for the transmission, the gearbox is speedy but manual, while the traction is the permanent integral Super All-Wheel Control (S-AWC) which works in symbiosis with the sophisticated suspension. The latter include Bilstein shock absorbers and Eibach springs. In summary, the S-AWC manages several functions in addition to traction, including the Active Yaw Control which manages the torque distribution between the two axles, the Active Center Differential (ACD) and the sport ABS. The latter allows the wheels to reach the limit of locking before intervening, leaving a certain margin of maneuver for the driver who wants to "force" entry into the curve. In conclusion, when it comes to aesthetics, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Final Edition is beautiful.


Lancer As Sportback

Sportback is distinguished from the Lancer sedan by its high and sporty tail. This Mitsubishi is also a couple of centimeters longer. The front is the element that conveys the most aggressiveness and sportiness. The wide radiator grille, in the shape of an inverted trapezoid, is decidedly tilted forward and projects the Lancer Sportback gaze towards the road. Alongside you can see the headlights, designed as two concentrated eyes, ready to attack the asphalt. This touch of sportiness is inherited from the sporty DNA of the Lancer family, and mainly from the more performing Evo. The bodywork continues with the typical volumes of the sedan, ensuring the right size of the doors, front and rear.


We arrive towards the characteristic part of the car called "Sportback". Here the roof seems to continue ideally, thanks to the successful rear spoiler. Equally generous is the tail, which rises to make room for the load compartment, and clearly stands out from the sedan. a prospective Mitsubishi Lancer for sale in Kenya driver need to know, The rear window in its Sportback version supposed to inclined, and leaves room for the generous rear lights. The stops lengthen and turn the sides of the car, drawing its shoulders. The rear window is decidedly inclined, and leaves room for the generous rear lights. The stops lengthen and turn the sides of the car, drawing its shoulders. The rear window is decidedly inclined, and leaves room for the generous rear lights. The stops lengthen and turn the sides of the car, drawing its shoulders.


A Redesigned Lancer

The front has been redesigned compared to the series that preceded it: it is now muscular with taut ribs, has a large trapezoidal grille that also includes part of the bumper and the front plate, pointed headlights that catch the eye. The rear has also been redesigned, with the difference in the tail between the door and the Sportback. The tail of the door has a classic mold, as on all traditional sedans which are respected with a touch of sportiness and design given by the inclined rectangular headlights that give a feeling of movement in line with the Lancer sports bike.


Entering on board (very spacious interior, multi-modular, and with the presence of various storage compartments) a buyer supposed to notice, how the Lancer has a more than satisfactory build quality, the assembly is done in a workmanlike manner, the materials used are from a sedan of its rank , and we find, especially in the analysis of the dashboard and the drivers seat, that sporty setting already present both in the front and in the rear. The innovative Mitsubishi Lancer for sale in Kenya is based on Mitsubishi “Global Project” platform used among other things by the innovative Outlander. A frame that has a decidedly improved rigidity and has a wheelbase greater than the previous one.


Going to view the dashboard in detail, a Mitsubishi Lancer price in Kenya payer can see how elegant and linear it is, with all the right controls in the right place (the climate and radio controls on the console are intuitive and practical). The “double tunnel” instrument panel, the 3-spoke leather steering wheel, the bucket seats are the touches of sportiness that the passenger compartment offers. A innovative generation Mitsubishi diesel can also be explored at used car exporter places; All will be combined with the "Active Center Differential" which ensures the maximum torque.



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