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Used Mitsubishi Dion 2001 For Sale - Review, Price And Specs|Japanese used cars

Used Mitsubishi Dion 2001 For Sale - Review, Price And Specs

Mitsubishi Dion 2001 - Reliable And Durable Car


Mitsubishi Dion, which began publication in 2001, is a minivan, whose interior is equipped with seven seats arranged in three rows. The car has a well thought out design of the exterior. Look of the front and rear of the body having a box-like shape, is not flashy, ostentatious, but at the same time and not devoid of personality. The body is equipped with four doors, which can be attributed to the type of passenger, and rear gate.

Interior of Mitsubishi Dion 2001

 MITSUBISHI DION 2001The interior of the vehicle, as has been described above, is equipped with seven seats arranged on a "2-3-2". The first two rows of seats - conventional design, and third-row seats - separate and have additional features. These seats can be rotated and can be used as a bench during a stoppage of the machine. The luggage compartment has a completely normal depth, but the width of a little narrow. The development Mitsubishi Dion 2001 was based on the chassis Mirage Dingo. Overall, the interior space Mitsubishi Dion at a high level.

Engine Specifications

The car used 2-liter inline 4-cylinder DOHC engine or a 1.8-liter turbocharged engine. Dion is equipped with only a 4-speed automatic transmission. Mitsubishi Dion 2001 first produced only in front-wheel version later was added all-wheel drive equipment. Dashboard design is very similar to Chariot Grandis. Despite the fact that the gearshift knob is located on the steering column, it is very easy to use. The minimum turning radius of this car is 5.2 meters, which is one of the attractive features of this car.

Exterior Features

Mitsubishi Dion has expressive exterior: a long body with clean lines, large headlights and a large rear window than a little reminiscent of the SUV. Body Dion comes with 4 doors, which can be attributed to the type of passenger, and rear gate. Gamma engine Mitsubishi Dion 2001 consists of two types that differ in volume and accordingly features: 1.8 and 2.0 liters. More powerful engine, a volume of 2.0 liters has a capacity of 135 hp and accelerates the minivan to a maximum of 180 km / h. Mitsubishi Dion comes with automatic transmission only.

General Views MITSUBISHI DION 2001

Elegant seven-seater minivan has a well thought out interior design, high roof, modern technical equipment and excellent ergonomics. In most cases, reviews of car owners Mitsubishi Dion are very positive connotation. This is due to the fact that the comfortable car has an excellent combination of price and quality, impeccable handling, as well as reliable and durable units.

Other Features

Inside, the practical minivan installed three rows of folding seats, air conditioning, power windows, radio and an adjustable steering column. On the road for the safety of the driver and passengers are responsible anti-lock brakes and front airbags. The overall experience of Mitsubishi Dion 2001 from the driver prospective is quite great.


The car offer ABS, EBD, ESP, Airbag Driver, Passenger Airbag lovely car interior transformer, the main thing in a few variations, the third row is removed in the floor. Full power accessories, all the lifts, electric, develop, 2podushki security, front suspension, climate to control from the back row, very economical car.

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