Buy Second Hand Mercedes Benz Axor Trucks Available For Sale At Affordable Price

  1. Axor 2008 Mercedes Axor

    Price: US$ 41,603

  2. Axor 2009 Mercedes Axor

    Price: US$ 42,064

  3. Axor 2005 Mercedes Axor

    Price: US$ 26,507

  4. Axor 2006 Mercedes Axor

    Price: US$ 20,629

  5. Axor 2010 Mercedes Axor

    Price: US$ 23,879

  6. Axor 2011 Mercedes Axor

    Price: US$ 31,808

  7. Axor 2012 Mercedes Axor

    Price: US$ 27,000

  8. Axor 2008 Mercedes Axor

    Price: US$ 22,127

  9. Axor 2010 Mercedes Axor

    Price: US$ 38,722

  10. Axor 2011 Mercedes Axor

    Price: US$ 26,276

Mercedes Benz Axor: The Hallmark for Tractor and Trucks


With strong chassis and high payload capacity and a durable built quality, Mercedes Benz Axor is considered to be a hallmark for tractors and rigid trucks. The vehicle has profound implications in mid-distance hauling, heavy duty, and local distributions. It is smaller brother of Actros particularly designed for light construction sites. Unlike bigger siblings, Axor is equipped with the slightly weak engine and a serene character. The wide range of engine options, three body configurations and plenty of space make it different among rivals.


Inside Out

Overall exterior design of the vehicle features typical lines, rectangular light cluster located low into the bumper and protective guards. V-shaped grille, aerodynamic side deflector makes it more dynamic. Huge ground clearance is representing off-road nature of the vehicle. Interior space of the vehicle is known for upscale cabin refinements and solid material to enhance durability. All controls are clearly and logically arranged in an order to ensure easy reach and convenience of the driver. Air suspended seats are comfortable and there is an ample space for headroom, legroom, and storage. 


Engine and Transmission

Mercedes Benz Axor truck for sale is equipped with a 12-liter engine producing a range of three outputs. All engines are smooth and powerful options designed to give the magnificent performance. Plus, these power options are also capable enough to tow massive loads effortlessly. It is available with 19 or 16-speed manual gearbox and an optional 12 speed PowerShift automatic transmission option. This new transmission option offers more customer benefits such as fast comfortable gearshift and high-level fuel economy.


Suspension and Handling

Mercedes-Benz Actros is designed and developed to haul large carrying capacities. Being younger brother of Actros, Mercedes Benz Axor features all-steel suspension equipped with parabolic springs. The standard shock absorbers and stabilizers are specifically configured for parabolic springs. A slightly forward inclination of the two-stage not only helps to produce neutral to understeering axle characteristics but it also improves handling safety.


Technology Upgrades

Mercedes Benz Axor has featured a long list of innovations and technology upgrades. From roof-mounted air conditioning to a reading lamp, everything is available to ensure comfort and convenience of the passengers on board. Roof-mounted air conditioning unit and an MB Cool Air 800 operated by remote control is capable enough to keep a pleasant temperature in the cab. Installation kits are also available for Axor and Atego.


Bottom Line

Mercedes Benz Axor for sale is a truck manufactured and marketed by Mercedes-Benz. The vehicle is designed to fill the gap between premium Actros tractors and rigid range of Atego trucks. It is designed to fulfill the hauling needs of fleet customers. Due to flexibility, price, ride quality, fuel economy and feature upgrades, Mercedes Benz Axor truck for sale successfully managed to be at the forefront of buyers shopping list. In short, it is a nice piece of German engineering. With a large payload capacity, it is perfectly built for light construction purposes. 

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