Mazda Familia S Wagon - One of Best Wagon

  1. FAMILIA 2014 Mazda FAMILIA

    Price: USD 4,771

  2. FAMILIA 2015 Mazda FAMILIA

    Price: USD 3,942

Mazda Familia S Wagon

The Mazda Familia has offered to the market since 1963 by the famous Japanese automobile manufacturing company Mazda. The Mazda Familia is also known as Mazda 323 around the world, the car comes with different body shape and variants one of them is Mazda Fimilia S Wagon which became so famous all around the world. It is a small yet spacious family wagon that comes with a range of features and great performance engine.

Since 2002, the simple configuration no longer produced at all in favor of a more expensive version of the LS, which luxurious interior with wood accents with options. A more practical wagon S-Wagon positioned above the sedan.

Engine Specifications

mazda familia s wagonThere is a wide range of engines installed in the Familia, ranging from 1.3-liter stage up to 2-liter, including diesel. It may be noted that line Familia motors almost exactly European 323 model. However, there are differences due to the specifics of the domestic market. For example, Familia S-wagon placed 1.5 liter engine with variable valve timing which gave 130 hp (RS equipment), which is similar to the two-liter engine power 323.


It is one of the best in its class, and plus the features offers in the wagon is so interesting in functionality and perfect for travel: the back of the front passenger seat reclines to form a table, and moving on the slide back row has separate back, leaning both forwards and backwards, folds to form a flat floor. in the simplest configuration ES, offered on the domestic market offered steering, steering column adjustable for tilt, receiver, and of the options - front fog lights, front spoiler, a leather braid steering. A higher level of equipment offered equipment JS: CD-player, air conditioning with manual control, electric windows, central locking.


Familia is a vehicle that over a long period of time was the most popular model of the Mazda Group and takes a big part in establishing the company on a certain point in the market. These are some of the reasons why this wagon of Mazda is in high demand in the domestic market and some other markets also its attractiveness in terms of price, quality ratio and excellent capacity are another noticeable points. Despite its apparent simplicity, the model perfectly meets the requirements for vehicles of advance era, and designed for use by corporate entities.


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