Mazda Axela - The Game Changer of Today

  1. AXELA 2016 Mazda AXELA

    Price: USD 10,620

  2. AXELA 2008 Mazda AXELA

    Price: USD 7,430

  3. AXELA 2010 Mazda AXELA

    Price: USD 11,670

  4. AXELA 2013 Mazda AXELA

    Price: USD 5,050

  5. AXELA 2016 Mazda AXELA

    Price: USD 9,600

Mazda Motors Corporation limited is all about passionate and adventurous riding experiences that are memorable and worth trying. The company, since its incorporation in the industry, has changed the concept of travelling altogether. The long and the boring roads have turned into exciting distances by the innovative vehicles produced by the most talented and expert engineers at the corporation. The heritage of excellence is being pursued since years and years and continues to do till today. The Mazda Axela or the Mazda 3 series is the practical example of the infinite talent and capabilities of the automobile entity. The vehicle occupies a very dominant position in the lineup with its fantastic designs and superior performance models.


The Introduction and Modification of Mazda Axela Over Generations

Mazda Axela name tag is recognized widely in the regions of Japan but outside Japan the vehicle is normally known as the mazda3. The compact car was produced and assembled for the first time in year 2003 and due to mind boggling and ever increasing demand the production and extensive manufacturing continues till present date. If we talk about Japanese used car market, all models of this amazing car specially Mazda Axela 2015, 2016, 2014, 2013, 2011, 2009 , 2008 have great demand. The body style and chassis initially was kept to be five doors station wagon and four doors sedan with engine positioned in the front and transverse. The first generation variants resulted in ample sales from year 2003 to 2008 precisely. Second generation Mazda Axela models were transformed with little development in the chassis and mechanical composition.


The prominent features added were the I4 1.6 liters to 2.5 liters engine, 4 speed automatic transmission, 6 speed manual transmission, 2640 mm long wheelbase for improved handling over uneven drive ways, 4595 mm overall length of the body, 1755 mm width and height that measures around 1470 mm approximately. Third generation BM series is the most latest and current one being marketed extensively. The power train for current variants is kept around 1.5 liters to 2.5 liters with 6 speed manual and automatic transmission. The wheelbase length has been increased to 2700 mm that complements the overall length, width and height of 4460mm, 1795mm and 1455 mm respectively.


The Ratings for Different Aspects of Mazda Axela

Mazda Axela sedan has overall ratings of 8.2 from on a scale of 10. The ratings are calculated based upon number of important factors such as the performance parameters, augmented and standard features, fuel efficiency and comfort provision. The axela sport model is the best example to explain the company’s unimaginable potential and capability. Every aspect is rated individually for better idea for the valued customers and overall score is composed from the accumulation.


The individual scores of the vehicle are: 8 for the interior and exterior equipment installed, 8 for the performance features, 7 for the comfort factors, 8 for safety amenities provided, 9 for the performance delivery and 8 for the average mileage over city and highway roads. The consumer reviews and crash test data are very helpful in assigning scores and pricing the vehicle accordingly. Mazda Axela models are very reasonably priced despite of spectacular specifications offered. The vehicle is also very economical as far as out of pocket costs or running expenditures are concerned. People love to buy this car whether new or used and the car is very famous in many parts of the world including Kenya, Sri Lanka, Jamaica, Pakistan and South Africa.


Fuel Consumption / MPG

Average fuel consumption of Mazda Axela is almost 42 mpg.


Customer Reviews

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