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Used Mazda 5 Available For Sale

Mazda 5- The Competitive Minivan

Mazda 5 for sale is a compact minivan produced by Japanese automaker Mazda. It is a practical choice to overcome daily errands. It offers immense reliability and extremely comfortable drive. This minivan is relatively fuel efficient than many of the family haulers. It is a budget-friendly and affordable car in this segment, offering a good value for money. There lies a complete blend of practical interior, sharp exterior looks and frugal performance. It is agile in handling and is easy to maneuver through tight spots. It offers a well balanced ride even if it is fully loaded. Though, it is bit light on features and equipments level, but it is still a good choice for long motorway drives.  


Appealing Shape

Used Mazda 5 for sale offers a solid built quality and it looks more athletic than other MPVs. It is compact in shape due to its small dimensions as per standard. It measures up the length of 180.5 inch, width of 68.9 inch and height of 63.6 inch. This compact minivan is offered with sliding doors that help in easy access, specifically in parking lots. It has also received a revised styling on front and rear, provided with new center control panel. As far as the interior cabin is concerned, it is pretty comfortable and versatile than a typical minivan. It can seat only six passengers comfortably, offering respectable amount of legroom and headroom even in second and third row. Another brighter side is its cargo capacity, providing 44 cubic feet of space on folding third row seats. On the other side, it is easy to drive thanks to its active controls and features. It is more agile in handling and is quite easier to park. Overall, it is a fine compact MPV that provides a plush and comfortable drive along with immense practicality.



Mazda 5 for sale comes equipped with 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine, mated to five-speed automatic transmission that powers the front-wheel drivetrain. The engine delivers output power of 157 horsepower and 163 lb-ft of torque. This is also one of the fuel-efficient powertrains in this class, offering admirable fuel economy ratings. As per EPA, it offers the combined fuel economy of 23mpg, which is above average for this segment.  It feels happy to go around the city and it takes about 9.1 seconds to sprint from 0 to 60 mph. The engine does the job efficiently so as the transmission that makes it capable to pull the 3500-lb of body conveniently on the go.


Bottom Line

Mazda 5 is arguably an affordable and cost-effective family hauler. You can buy a used Mazda 5 for sale within the price range of 3000USD to 16,000USD, depending upon model, condition and mileage of the car. Although, this minivan is comparatively smaller than other rivals in the market, but it proves to be ideally competitive and better in performance. Thus, if you are budget-conscious buyers, you will not find a better option than this minivan.


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