Used Kia Ceed 2.0 CRDI Available For Sale

  1. EVERY 2008 Kia EVERY

    Price: USD 582


    Price: USD 582


    Price: USD 601

  4. EVERY 2005 Kia EVERY

    Price: USD 582

  5. THATS 2007 Kia THATS

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    Price: USD 611

  7. LIFE 2004 Kia LIFE

    Price: USD 388

  8. STAGEA 1997 Kia STAGEA

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  9. CERVO 2006 Kia CERVO

    Price: USD 407

  10. DEMIO 2005 Kia DEMIO

    Price: USD 533

Kia Ceed-A Refreshing Driving Vehicle

Kia Ceed 2.0 CRDI for sale is a valuable family car whose growing popularity has positively impacted on the car market. It is used as a refreshing alternative to the models from Vauxhall and Ford. This is truly a well built car that is offered with the mix of practicality, quality and value. This is a stylish five-door hatchback which offers plenty of space for passengers and luggage. It is proportionally equipped with exciting features and specs which make it a genuine all-rounder. It is agile to drive and handle on the roads, offering excellent body control and accurate steering. This car comes mounted with 2.0-liter turbocharged diesel engine that tends to deliver generous amount of output power to run the drivetrain. It feels much stable while coping with potholes. Moreover, this car is safest and flexible to drive on all type of conditions.



Kia Ceed 2.0 CRDI for sale looks like a premium hatch due to its fine exterior and interior styling. It is a quite handsome and stylish vehicle, built with solid quality material and rugged chassis. Dimensionally, it measures up an overall length of 4235mm, height of 1480 and wheelbase of 2650mm. On exterior side, it has an elegant tiger-nose grille, angular bumper and chrome trim around fog lamps, giving a sharper and premium appearance. Inside, it is offered with well assembled and well finished cabin. There is the seating capacity for five adult size passengers, provided with ample headroom and legroom for all. It really feels comfortable enough to ride on longer trips. The seats are well placed including driving seat that provides clear all-round visibility. The dashboard is logically laid out with good number of controls and features. It also holds the spacious cargo space of 340 liter behind the rear seats. In addition, there is lot of small storages in shape of door pockets and cubbies to keep the small-sized items in safety. Above all, you will find great versatility and dependability inside.



Kia Ceed 2.0 CRDI for sale is available with front-wheel drivetrain, which is powered by 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine. It is mated to a six-speed manual transmission setup, generating output power of 138bhp and torque of 305Nm. It is capable to sprint from 0-62mph in just 10.3 seconds, while delivering the top speed of 127mph. The power plant also offers frugal economy along with punchy performance. It offers a combined fuel economy of 50.4mpg and produces 154g/km of CO2. The shift is precise and controls are well-weighted which make it a consistent performer in this segment. It is offered with precise steering that delivers excellent handling along with good body control. This vehicle feels agile on hard road conditions without sacrificing ride comfort. The suspension is stiffer that enables its coping abilities on rough roads. Moreover, it is a reliable long-distance car which focuses on performance as well comfort of passengers.



In best-used condition, you can buy this car from our stock within the price limit 2900USD to 7500USD, depending upon model, condition and mileage of the car.


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