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An enhanced model of Hyundai s commercial pickup truck, Porter 2011, is the finest of its kind. With an average fuel economy of 10.5 km/l, an incredible 745mm trunk height, and 1.3 tons of loading capacity, it has successfully delivered the profound vehicle to both the medium and small-scale businesses in need of affordable yet practical transportation.

The great Hyundai Porter 2011 comes with a six-speed manual transmission. It is capable of bearing gigantic loads through the utmost challenging terrain using the torsion bar spring, double front wishbone, and rear semi-elliptical laminated leaf spring incorporated in its suspension system. They provide the best stability, flexibility, and durability to the vehicle – making it of immense usefulness for businesses.

Given all the incredible features, Hyundai Porter 2011 is the most popular commercial pickup and is in high demand since its launch.

Hyundai Porter 2011 Review

In case you are planning to buy a used Hyundai Porter 2011, you are in the right place! Here s the most reliable Hyundai porter 2011 Review to help you make an informed purchasing decision! 

Interior & Exterior of the Hyundai Porter 2011

Sufficient Cargo Space – the great Hyundai Porter 2011 comes with a sufficient cargo space capable of loading and unloading an immense weight of 1000kgs. Not just that, but it does have a bolting tailgate and latching side walls to ensure car protection.

Wide-View outside Mirror – To ensure the pickup truck gets easily parked with assured security, Hyundai Porter 2011 has a wide-view exterior mirror offering a panoramic rear view to the driver sitting at the front seat.

Adjustable Driver s Seat – Keeping in mind the long-due rides, Hyundai porter 2011 comes with high comfortable, adjustable driver s seat. It has both the options for sliding and reclining to keep the driver in comfort throughout their rides.

Seatback Console – Designed in compliance with the needs of long-term commercial drives, Hyundai Porter 2011 has a seatback console capable of carrying all the paperwork and maps essential for a convenient journey. As you fold in the middle seat, it opens into two cup holders and a tray. In addition to that, there is a small box at the back of the tray to help you carry any other important stuff.

Performance & Safety of the Hyundai Porter 2011

A2 2.5 CRDi – Buying a used Hyundai Porter 2011 could certainly be your best decision as it comes with an A2 2.5 CRDi engine. It s a second-generation engine with much-reduced vibration and a capability to attain quieter operation. In addition, the A2 comes with a Common Rail Direct Injection system and an EGR cooler that together are capable of circulating exhaust gases back to the engine – reducing nitrous oxide pollutants.

With all the finest features and advancements, the A2 engine installed in the Hyundai Porter 2011 produces 26.0 kg-m torque at the range of 1500 to 3500 rpm and delivers an output of 130ps @ 3,800 rpm. 

Flexibility & Variability – Hyundai Porter 2011 has the finest short and long wheelbases with low and high platforms, allowing the vehicle to align perfectly with your diverse business needs. No matter how difficult the route is to deliver, this premium-designed Hyundai commercial pickup ensures a swift driving experience alongside keeping all the cargo safe and secure.

Chassis – The Hyundai Porter 2011 is a premium performer with 100 * 50 mm tough steel section chassis along with a torsion bar and a double-wishbone, rear leaf springs, and front suspension. It can be driven with naturally aspired 2.5 or 2.6 turbo diesel engines. Apart from that, the single molding panels, side-impact bars, and a variable cross-section cowl cross member are the brilliant security features it incorporates.

Locking Differential – The Hyundai Portal 2011 has a finely tuned locking differential installed that activates automatically at speeds above 30kph. When driving over muddy, soft, and uneven surfaces, there is a possibility of losing traction and the control of your vehicle; locking differential (LD) helps prevent that from happening and ensures that you get maximum traction of the vehicle in such situations.

Dependable Breaks – The great commercial pickup by Hyundai comes with utmost dependable breaks. They are ventilated for fade-free braking and a tandem booster of 8+9 inches that rightly complements the stellar performance of Hyundai Porter 2011.

Automatic Door Locks & Power Switch Window – The vehicle has been designed keeping in mind the finest of details, such as the incorporation of automatic door locks and power window switches which makes them a premium yet securing vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Should I buy a used Hyundai Porter 2011?

If you are looking for a used commercial pickup to deal with your orders and random cargo operations conveniently, Hyundai Porter 2011 is the best option with its premium make and features. Also, it offers secure cargo space for up to 1000 kg of loading and unloading, making it the finest choice.

What are the incredible safety features that Hyundai Porter 2011 offers?

Hyundai Porter 2011 comes with great safety features, including 274 mm ventilated front disc brakes, a load sensing proportioning valve, hydraulic power-assisted steering, and a tandem brake booster on top of the list. Apart from that, automatic door locks, wide-view rear back mirrors, and many more security features have been incorporated to make this a superb vehicle.

How much fuel does Hyundai Porter 2011 consume?

Hyundai Porter 2011 has an incredible fuel consumption rate of 10.2 liters per 100 km – that s certainly ideal for the amount of load it can uplift.

Does Hyundai Porter 2011 come with a towbar?

No, it does not come with a standard towbar. However, the Hyundai Porter 2011 has an incredible towing weight of 1250 kg, indicating that you can easily add a towbar to your vehicle whenever required. There are multiple fine-tuned services available in town to get an external towbar installed in your car. The ideal way is to install a towbar in alignment with the capability of towing load that your vehicle can bear.

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