Honda Inspire - The 23 Years of Inspirational Generation

  1. INSPIRE 2010 Honda INSPIRE

    Price: USD 6,140

  2. INSPIRE 2007 Honda INSPIRE

    Price: USD 3,900

  3. INSPIRE 2009 Honda INSPIRE

    Price: USD 3,970

  4. INSPIRE 2007 Honda INSPIRE

    Price: USD 6,890

  5. INSPIRE 2001 Honda INSPIRE

    Price: USD 4,300

  6. INSPIRE 2007 Honda INSPIRE

    Price: USD 3,570

  7. INSPIRE 1993 Honda INSPIRE

    Price: USD 7,430

  8. INSPIRE 2011 Honda INSPIRE

    Price: USD 4,740

  9. INSPIRE 1994 Honda INSPIRE

    Price: USD 7,680

  10. INSPIRE 2006 Honda INSPIRE

    Price: USD 3,920

The Honda being the second largest automobile manufacturer launched Honda Inspire car a luxury sedan from Accord Chassis. It was developed when the bubble economy was on the move. Till 23 years it ruled the market with its inspiring features and overall looks.


Honda Inspire-Over the Generations

HONDA INSPIREThe five generations over which the Honda Inspire for sale was distributed, lead to the latest and the last 2012 model that was famous in the loyal customer base of Honda. Starting from the first generation till 1995 model the vehicle has grown a lot. The hardtop body style was available in Front engine Front wheel drive, bringing in fuel economy to the best. The 2500 CC straight 5 engine provided performance efficiency to the luxurious level. The transmissions available included the touch of automation through less tiring 4 speed automatic options alongside the 5 speed manual transmission for the power in hand feel.


The second generation that is available as used Honda Inspire in few countries was almost identical with updates for betterment. The front engine front wheel layout came in V6 technology in displacement range of 3200 CC, 2500 CC and 2000 CC. The marginal increase in overall dimension was something note worthy. This generation gave competition to Toyota Camry Garcia, Chaser, Cresta and Mark II along with Nissan Skyline and Cefiro.


The third generation was designed and built in America with export to Japan. It was introduced as a sedan with V6 technology engine in 3200 CC and 2500 CC respectively. The automatic transmission had 5 speed and 4 speed option. A cabin filter was introduced in the vehicle of this generation and was available in worldwide models. The fourth generation brought in singular 3000 CC displacement with 2000 CC and 2400 CC availability as well. The 5 speed automatic option completely supported the performance in this generation. It has the VCM technology with HiDS and IHCC aside from multiple options to support completely. The LED in rear tail lights was introduced for better viewing of road at night.


The fifth generation CP3 series was released in the end of 2007. The technology of this generation included Adaptive Cruise Control, High Definition Navigation, Power Windows and Power steering. This generation also worked on fuel economy with engine given more power.  The vehicle was in direct competition with Toyota Crown and Nissan Fuga.


Vibrant Colors and Outclass LookHONDA INSPIRE

The body of the used Honda Inspire is even flashy enough to tell, the solid foundation on which the vehicle is built. The colors available in this car includes Red, Blue and Green in challenging colors with general colors of White, Black and Silver to fully support. The interior and exterior together add a touch of inspiration whether it is about the styling through Alloy Wheels or the comfortable seating of leather and other refined cloth.


The Honda Inspire car has the production ended, though it stands at unique position of being the cheapest hybrid offered. It has the privilege of providing class at low price that will always remain in heart of those who have used it for their advantage.


Honda Inspire Generations

1) First Generation was produced from 1989 to 1995 and is called CB5, CC2 & CC3

2) Second Generation called UA1, UA2 and UA3 was manufactured from 1995 till 1998.

3) Third Generation of Inspire also known as UA4 and UA5 was produced from 1998 to about 2003

4) Fourth Generation (UC1) manaufactured from 2003 till 2007

5) Fifth Generation Production the fifth and the last generation called CP3 was started in the year 2007 and ended up in 2013, the Inspire was no longer offered in Japan.


Recommended Models

Japanese used car dealers mostly recommend Honda Fit 2008, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2002, 2001 models due to their cost effectiveness, performance and distinctive features. However that you can only buy these older models, if there is no age restriction on car import in your country.

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