Honda Airwave - Review the Valuable Features of Subcompact

  1. AIRWAVE 2006 Honda AIRWAVE

    Price: USD 2,180

  2. AIRWAVE 2007 Honda AIRWAVE

    Price: USD 8,460

  3. AIRWAVE 2007 Honda AIRWAVE

    Price: USD 1,940

  4. AIRWAVE 2007 Honda AIRWAVE

    Price: USD 3,020

  5. AIRWAVE 2005 Honda AIRWAVE

    Price: USD 3,540

  6. AIRWAVE 2010 Honda AIRWAVE

    Price: USD 2,910

  7. AIRWAVE 2006 Honda AIRWAVE

    Price: USD 800

  8. AIRWAVE 2008 Honda AIRWAVE

    Price: USD 2,790

  9. AIRWAVE 2010 Honda AIRWAVE

    Price: USD 4,530

  10. AIRWAVE 2005 Honda AIRWAVE

    Price: USD 2,860

There are cars that we have in market since 60’s and even before that and they are still under manufacturing process. And there are also cars which have their manufacturing journey based only on few years. These cars sometimes perform well and have good traits of performance, comfort and style, yet their manufacturing somehow gets discontinued. The reasons are not always clear sometimes the demand is a huge factor that causes the discontinuation of the car. However, many of these cars make themselves a place in the used car market. We will focus on one such car that has not a huge history to follow, yet has design and features that can be great qualities of your next car attained at a reasonable price.


The Honda Airwave was first time available for sale in 2005 as a sub-compact car. The 5 door wagon has versatile engine layouts that include Front engine, front wheel and four wheel drive. Feels like an SUV trait, there is more to know, wait for it!. The VTEC technology is used in Honda Airwave 1.5 . There is CVT 7-speed automatic transmission which might be right what you are looking for.


HONDA AIRWAVE Honda Airwave Interior & Exterior

The Airwave Honda has well styled exteriors with an inclined wind screen and uplifted bonnet perfect to complete the look of 5 door sub compact. In the interiors of the car Honda has used good materials with a good use of space. The interior cabin is spacious and the materials used in the seating are comfortable. There are eight seats available with an uninterrupted space in the trunk. Have a family travel with reasonable luggage quantities, the used Honda Airwave would be helpful companion. There are three rows in the rear cabin and the seats in it can be adjusted according to the preference and number of travelers. In used Honda Airwave you can even have an option of folding the front seats that can be modified to have a lounge feel in the car and during your travel.


In a few Honda Airwave for sales version, you will be able to find echo features and sliding door options intact.



The safety features in this car are acceptably advance in technology. Not only it has received good ratings from in the test drives of experts but also the consumer drivers from different regions have reviewed it well. In Europe and Australia, the used Honda Airwave still enjoys demand due to its comfortable interiors and well established safety features. The Xenon headlamps, auto speed control, power windows and airbag system are all part of the package in Honda Airwave station wagon. The most popular used honda accord models are 2013, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2006, 2005.


Performancehonda airwave

The performance output of VTEC engine produced by Honda is one of the finest from Honda’s L-series which can drive the output of 109hp at torque recorded as 143Nm. The continuously variable automatic transmission otherwise known as CVT works on seven automatic controllable gears which makes the driving experience even more amazing.


The Honda Airwave has taken all the high tech aspects from the expert Japanese automakers. These are easy to buy in the Japanese used car market and the price of honda airwave is also very reasonable. This car is  easy to maintain anywhere in the world. Honda airwave 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2014 models are tha most popular in the Japanese used car market.


Honda Airwave Price

Honda Airwave is available within price range of $ 800 to $ 2000 at SbtJapan website.

Honda Airwave Fuel Consumption / MPG

Upto 30 to 33 MPG

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