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Honda Acty – The Light Weight Warrior

Honda Motors Corporation is inspired by the dreams of its valued customers and this inspiration helps them to create innovative products that could facilitate human mobility. Apart from mobility, the corporation emphasize hard on being environmentally friendly in every aspect. The power of dreams could not be ignored because the strength and success of company in global market place is derived from this philosophy. Based on such visionary principle, the Japanese automobile enterprise launched Honda Acty in the market. Acty is the short form of activity.


The Honda Acty van is categorized as a series of Kei cars and micro vans. It is in production since 1977 and keeps changing with varying modifications. The modifications took place over a period of three generations. The first generation started from 1977, second generation started off from 1996 and third generation took its start from 2008. The compact van is intricately build and designed and broadly classified into models T-SERIES, V-SERIES, HH-SERIES and HA SERIES.

Honda Acty Sepcifications

The pickup model has overall small and confined dimensions but greater practicality. The engine displacement is moderately sized for better engine performance and honda actylower costs. The vehicle offers surely a big thing in small package. They are not just the conversion from one model to another, in fact offers complete transformation to provide comfort and fatigue free driving. The fuel consumption is good. It has either 545 cc or 660 cc engine displacement. The vehicle is spacious from rear and front and has forward control in truest sense. The compactness of Honda Acty makes its extremely efficient in urban localities.


The steel alloy wheels have dimensions of twelve inch. Other features includes five speed gearbox, optional automatic gearbox, air conditioner, optional four wheel drive, power assisted steering, disc brakes, passive safety features, taffeta white and alabaster silver metallic scheme, passenger seat folding option for spacious storage, independent front and rear suspension, standard tires, three cylinders, manual and automatic transmission option, four windows, axle lock, both left and right hand configuration possibility, mileage on average of 212.0 mpg, power steering, drivers airbag, antibacterial filter and speaker. Though features are adequate and not many augmentations are offered but they are sufficient for stress free drive.

Pricing And Customer Review

Many customers believe Acty got bigger heart and broader shoulders. The compact vans could be used rough and tough and can be given hard time. The durability and reliability is rated as “good” for Acty van. The minimum fuel consumption and inexpensive parts makes it an economical vehicle in every sense. The accessibility and mobility is the most striking feature because Honda Acty vans are favorable for ride both in rural and urban terrains. Moreover good mileage gives good quality driving experience altogether. The van is affordable to buy and maintain over the years. Many dealers and car agents’ offer used Honda Acty on sale. The used Acty vans are easily available and very cheaply priced. Their usefulness keeps them in demand always.

Customer Reviews

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