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Audi A3 E Tron For Sale – A Review

  1. A3 2017 Audi A3

    Price: USD 13,010

  2. A3 2011 Audi A3

    Price: USD 6,710

  3. A3 2017 Audi A3

    Price: USD 18,290

  4. A3 2015 Audi A3

    Price: USD 17,870

  5. A3 2016 Audi A3

    Price: USD 13,240

  6. A3 2018 Audi A3

    Price: USD 19,740

  7. A3 2014 Audi A3

    Price: USD 14,720

Audi may have been late to the electric car industry, but the delay seems to have been worthwhile. The A3 e-Tron is a highly capable all-rounder, with the benefit of all-electric driving for up to 30 miles and a 400-mile plus range on the petrol engine. It means there are no range constraints associated seen in many other electric cars.

Engineering & Design

A regular Audi A3 is fitted with a 1.4 TFSI engine – together with an electric motor and battery. Thus, technically, the E-Tron is identical to a standard Audi A3, except it runs entirely on electricity. In contrast to traditional hybrids, the A3 can be plugged into your domestic electrical system, giving a much longer all-electric range. The interior is also nearly similar to the regular A3.

Stylish Interior

You can easily get comfortable while driving an A3 Sportback E-Tron. The steering wheel can be adjusted in all directions, and the seat can be adjusted in all directions as well. Once you have found your driving posture, you will see that the steering wheel and pedals are perfectly aligned.
Although the inside is not as modern as the BMW i3, the spotless, minimalist-style dash eliminates the need for a bewildering number of buttons. Instead, just the most important controls, like heating and air-conditioning, are there in an easily accessible position.
Numerous features are managed through the menu buttons and rotary dial behind the gear lever and shown on the clear and well-lit 7.0 screen rising from the dashboard. While it is not nearly as straightforward as the BMW system, the rotary controller makes it simpler to operate on the go when compared to the touchscreen system. It is also equipped, with standard DAB radio and sat-nav, along with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.
The A3 cabin is one of the best furnished in its class. The surfaces are mostly upscale in appearance and feel, with soft-touch materials and switches that work with a smooth, precise movement.

Drive Experience 

While the ride comfort is excellent over high-speed undulations and the car seems settled and comfy in most circumstances. However, it may get a little bumpy on well-used or rougher roads.
Additionally, the E-Tron excels in refinement. While the brakes are a little grabby, they lack the speediness that other hybrid vehicles exhibit and the electric mode is very quiet. While there is a little tremor and additional noise when the petrol engine starts, the engine remains smooth and much less intrusive than the BMW i3 two-cylinder engine. As per several Audi A3 E-Tron reviews, as your speed increases, the amount of road and wind noise increases proportionately, although not excessively.

Power Emissions

Customers these days may choose from a variety of powertrain technologies and fuel types. For example, the Audi A3 is available in these three types:

  • Diesel
  • Petrol
  • Plug-in hybrid form

Diesel is excellent for drivers who travel large distances on highways, and gasoline is ideal for those who travel less than 30 miles between recharges. On the other hand, plug-in hybrids are ideal for drivers who routinely travel up to 30 miles between refills and travel greater distances occasionally. However, suppose you often travel up to 30 miles. In that case, you should go for the all-electric, zero tailpipe emissions capabilities – and you will feel secure knowing that you can go much further if necessary.

The NEDC fuel efficiency test is a significant problem for plug-in hybrids. The stated economy number of 177 miles per gallon for the E-Tron is based on very particular low load driving conditions over a very small distance. If your driving follows this pattern, you may get close to 177mpg in everyday life, but the more kilometers you drive on gas rather than electric, the poorer your fuel efficiency will become.

Thus, the actual fuel efficiency that an E-Tron owner would enjoy is entirely dependent on how far the vehicle is driven on gasoline or electricity—the average 58.4mpg during a week of mixed driving - urban and highway. However, you have gotten over 100mpg if you traveled more short distances on electric power. On the other hand, if we had driven more highway miles on the petrol engine, we would have achieved a reasonable result - the A3 averaged 46.0mpg at 70mph when powered only by the petrol engine, which is fairly good for Audi A3 E-Tron price.

Final Word

According to official industry estimates, the overwhelming majority of vehicles will have some plug-in capability within the next decade or so. However, there is also a reverse impact on diesel as a result of air quality problems, so petrol and electricity are more favorable. As a result, the Audi A3 E-Tron is one of the finest representations of what vehicles will look like in short to medium term.

The A3 E-Tron looks and drives like a standard A3, but it also boasts all-electric capability. Therefore, if you frequently go up to 30 miles between charges and occasionally greater distances, and you are looking for a luxury five-door hatchback, the A3 Sportback E-Tron may be a refined and economical mode of transport. Additionally, it is appealing to business users owing to its cheap 5% benefit in kind corporate vehicle tax.

The A3 E-Tron drawbacks are:

  • It is heavier than the standard A3 1.4 TFSI
  • It is more costly
  • Its real-world electric range is less than the official number.

However, as a whole, The initial effort of Audi was very successful. It is s an excellent way to introduce people to the advantages of an electric vehicle while also allowing them to travel over 400 miles without refueling the petrol engine – so there is none of the range anxiety associated with a pure electric car.

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