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Toyota Hilux for Sale in Guyana

  1. HILUX 2021 Toyota HILUX

    Prix: USD 34,100

  2. HILUX 2001 Toyota HILUX

    Prix: USD 8,240

  3. HILUX 2017 Toyota HILUX

    Prix: USD 54,283

  4. HILUX 2003 Toyota HILUX

    Prix: USD 17,740

  5. HILUX 2000 Toyota HILUX

    Prix: USD 9,930

  6. HILUX 2022 Toyota HILUX

    Prix: USD 41,710

  7. HILUX 2001 Toyota HILUX

    Prix: USD 16,410

  8. HILUX 2020 Toyota HILUX

    Prix: USD 37,780

  9. HILUX 2021 Toyota HILUX

    Prix: USD 34,460

  10. HILUX 2020 Toyota HILUX

    Prix: USD 35,130

Toyota is one of the leading brands of vehicles worldwide. Toyota cars are known for their sophistication, affordability, consumer-centric features, and adaptability. Toyota Hilux for sale in Guyana is a good bet if you are looking to buy a Toyota off-road car in the near future. Here we discuss its features and what makes it a good choice to purchase below.



Truck Sales Market Outlook

Truck sales have witnessed a boom in various regions. 2012 witnessed double sales of pick-up trucks in Europe. In 2021, Toyota sold a total of 47,480 Hilux units in Europe. In 2022, the pick-up truck revenue in the US is expected to reach US$4,673m. By 2026, unit sales of the pick-up trucks are expected to hit 136.5K vehicles.

The increase in demand for pick-up trucks is largely due to their improved driving performance and a better alternative to large SUVs. Furthermore, another popular incentive to buying pick-up trucks is the tax savings extended to company car users.

Pick-up trucks that can take a payload of 1000kg or more are categorized as a Light Commercial Vehicle. This means that based on its age, the vehicle enjoys a fixed road tax and benefit-in-kind (BIK) price regardless of engine quality, price, and size.

Toyota pick-up trucks such as the Toyota Hilux are popular due to the low-emissions hybrids that come in multiple versions. While the truck was previously positioned as just a work vehicle, in modern times, it is perfectly acceptable as a family car and fit for everyday driving, load-tugging, and off-roading.



Toyota Hilux Specifications

Toyota Hilux is a reliable car, without a doubt. However, many reasons make it the vehicle of choice. If we talk about its pros, we can say it is a decent car to drive. It is smooth on the road, and you will enjoy it. It is quite robust and great for off-road adventures. Another plus point of the car is its well-built interior.

Before moving on to the specifications of the car, let us look at some disadvantages. Higher trim levels can be expensive, and the automatic gearbox is unappealing. Due to the large size of the vehicle, its maneuvering can be tricky at points. Nevertheless, the Toyota Hilux is a popular name in the world of pick-ups.

Toyota Hilux is available in several body types. You can choose from the following:

Single Cab: It comes in two doors and two seats with a longer load bed

Extra Cab: This body type comes with a small rear bench and small rear-hinged back doors

Double Cab: The Double Cab is the most popular type because it features rear doors. Moreover, the front and rear seats have plenty of space, but the load bed is shorter than the others. However, you will be impressed with the car interior quality.

The Toyota Hilux comes in manual and automatic versions with two diesel engine ranges. One option is the 148 bhp, 2.4-liter diesel, which emits 241 g/km in icon trim and returns almost 30 mpg.

The other option is a larger engine which is a 2.8-liter having a 201 bhp returning a 33 mpg. A great benefit of owning the Toyota Hilux for business purposes is the reduced benefit in kind tax rates.



Toyota Hilux Trim Levels

The Toyota Hilux comes in Active, Icon, Invincible and Invincible X trim levels. If you are new to purchasing a pick-up truck, Icon is a good starting point. It comes with an eight-touch touchscreen infotainment system, 17-inch allow wheels, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, Double Cab Body, cruise control, and a reversing camera as standard features.

The Active trim is most suitable for fleet customers and tradespeople; however, you can get good features with the two Invincible trims, which include LED headlights, 18-inch alloy wheels, a premium stereo system, and a black or chrome trim. Furthermore, you get tail lights, keyless entry and go, all-around parking sensors, automatic climate control, and heated front seats.

Some more features exclusive to the Invincible X model include minimalist chrome detailing with a unique body style, 18-inch black-painted alloy wheels, ambient lighting in the door card, leather-trimmed seats, and a premium nine-speaker JBL stereo system.

All trims come with a Toyota Safety Sense, which gave the car its 2016 five-star Euro NCAP rating. With this, you get the road sign assist, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, and pre-collision alert.



Interior and Comfort

The Toyota Hilux for sale in Guyana comes with a well-equipped and impressive interior cabin. The pick-up is a commercial vehicle mostly used to transport tools and equipment. It is a vehicle of choice mostly for woodsmen and farmers.

Keeping this in mind, the interior should complement the rough use of the car and stand up to the tools and muddiness. Similarly, the switches should be long-lasting and sturdy. In spite of this, the interior feels sophisticated and gives the feeling you are sitting in a car and not a truck.

All trim levels come with the Toyotas Touch 2 infotainment touchscreen. It is quite decent with a seven-inch display. It can do with some improvements, but overall you will find the interior of the vehicle decent enough.



Interior Storage and Space

The Toyota Hilux is meant for practicality, and you will find it has enough space in the cabin and the rear. Four people can easily be accommodated in the Double Cab. The Extra Cab has two rear seats that are best reserved for occasional use as they are small. The seats are comfortable, and there is enough legroom to stretch during a long drive. The steering wheel is adjustable.

The car comes with a vast load bay. No matter which specification you go with, the Hilux can easily accommodate a load between 1,025 kg and 1,130 kg. It has a towing limit of 3,200kg, making it quite capable compared to its competitive vehicles.

Reliability and Safety

 The Toyota Hilux for sale in Guyana is a good choice for its toughness and practicality. Its safety is solidified with the well-fitted Toyota Safety Sense suite. The car scores 93% for adult protection in the car and 82% for children occupancy protection.

All models of the Toyota Hilux come fitted with seven airbags, and the seats are designed to minimize whiplash in case of a collision. Furthermore, the cars are equipped with hill-start assistance, traction control, trailer sway control, and stability control.

The Toyota Hilux Icon and above trims also come with "Downhill Assists Control." This feature prevents the vehicle from sliding as it descents slippery slopes. The Toyota Safety Sense that is a standard on the Invincible and Invincible X models includes a lane-departure warning system, autonomous emergency braking, and the road-sign recognition feature.

Bottom Line

The Toyota Hilux for sale in Guyana is a good bet if you have to use it commercially. The vehicle is sturdy and robust, ensuring it endures tough weather and road conditions. Its a vehicle for choice for most farmers, construction business owners, and others who have goods to transport daily. The Toyota Hilux price begins at USD 21,900 and can go up to USD 37,500.

If you are looking for new or used cars in Guyana, you can find a large variety at promising prices at SBT Japan.

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