Damage Condition Report

In case, the car you have received is damaged in any way, we will evaluate the damage. After case evaluation, if damage is found on our end, we will be taking responsibility and offer compensation or repairing charges to you. The evaluation process includes internal and external inspection (body, wheels, interiors, etc.) and accident photographs, to estimate accurate damage reimbursement.

We have a rigorous evaluation process and ensure complete transparency throughout damage verification. We ensure that all your complaints and demands are vigilantly catered to as we respond to your reports as quickly as possible. To file your damage condition report please login below.

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What Happens After You File the Report?

We have designed a systematic process to ensure complete transparency that allows us to maintain a proper structure for the post damage situations.

Step 1
Verification of Complaints
  • When you register a complaint, it is sent to our customer service department; they will reach out to you instantly.
  • You will be requested to send them every conceivable evidence to back your claim.
  • They will take time to study every detail of the case to validate it effectively.
  • The case’s report is created with your registered complaints. The report is sent to the Sales Team for further verification.
Step 2
Decision of Compensation
  • After reviewing the report, the Sales Team communicates with all the stakeholders involved in this deal to authenticate the case.
  • When the damage claim is approved by the Sales Team, the compensation that must be provided for the damage is decided.
  • Be mindful of the fact that compensation differs from case to case. It is negotiated among the Sales Team and the authority based on the case’s severity.
Step 3
Offering Repair or Compensation
  • Eventually, we conduct a meeting with you where we offer the compensation or repair with complete reasoning and the breakdown of every damage.
  • The compensation or repair is decided according to the case’s intensity.
  • We promise that the issue does not occur again because your trust and confidence in us are of utmost importance.