Buy Secondhand Honda Fit In Mauritius At Cheap Prices

  1. FIT 2007 Honda FIT

    Precio: US$ 452

  2. FIT 2005 Honda FIT

    Precio: US$ 462

  3. FIT 2014 Honda FIT

    Precio: US$ 3,173

  4. FIT 2016 Honda FIT

    Precio: US$ 3,817

  5. FIT 2016 Honda FIT

    Precio: US$ 3,817

  6. FIT 2006 Honda FIT

    Precio: US$ 202

  7. FIT 2002 Honda FIT

    Precio: US$ 452

  8. FIT 2004 Honda FIT

    Precio: US$ 452

  9. FIT 2001 Honda FIT

    Precio: US$ 385

  10. FIT 2009 Honda FIT

    Precio: US$ 567

Honda Fit in Mauritius

The concept of an inexpensive new car - a compact V-segment hatchback, but with a higher roof and layout of a minivan - became popular in the world. In 2001, Honda added fuel to the fire when it introduced its amazing Model Honda Fit, offered as usual, in the domestic market first, where Honda Fit made its debut. Honda Fit can be easily found in Mauritius market in different engine range and model year at much reasonable rates.

Honda Fit Hybrid

The family vehicle was constantly growing and improving in every sense, and in 2010, as part of the second generation, the company offered the Honda Fit Hybrid, where together with a petrol engine of 1.5 liters capacity of 88 hp. Honda joined the entertaining race with hybrids back in the late 90s (with the release of the Insight model), offering its own power circuit layout, and now this technology has only been approved.

Fuel Consumption

Even the heroes have flaws, and Fit is no exception. It was not so economical, only occasionally achieving fuel consumption on the highway at 7 liters per 100 km. And the standard of 40 mpg (5.8 liters) is considered as the standard. In addition, its technological filling and infotainment system began to become seriously obsolete.

Latest Honda Fit

Latest Honda Fit tried to overcome all the previous flaws and succeed. The car is pretty excellent when it comes to features, and it offers a number of innovations both outside and inside. Honda Fit is pretty competitive car than its predecessor, and it has everything it needs to withstand the most dangerous of the rivals list.

Third Generations Fit

Visually the third generation of Honda Fit lost most of its former charm of the small car and acquired more aggressive and modern details, especially from the front. In general, people like its new look with sharp features and smart technology.


The design of the car is widens as we move towards the rear end and near the rear wheel arch. This is an interesting design solution, but it does not seem too successful and appealing. And from the same angle, the Honda Fit 2015 model year is less like a hatchback, and more - a miniature minivan. The best part is the design of the Fit is not boring but very stylish for some. In general, the new design fits perfectly into the overall concept of the Honda range.


Cities of Mauritius Where Honda Fit Is Popular

  • Port Louis
  • Beau Bassin-Rose Hill
  • Vacoas
  • Curepipe
  • Quatre Bornes
  • Triolet
  • Goodlands

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