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Porsche Cayenne GTS For Sale

  1. CAYENNE 2012 Porsche CAYENNE

    Precio: USD 35,633

  2. CAYENNE 2009 Porsche CAYENNE

    Precio: USD 18,991

  3. CAYENNE 2016 Porsche CAYENNE

    Precio: USD 57,470

  4. CAYENNE 2014 Porsche CAYENNE

    Precio: USD 39,689

  5. CAYENNE 2012 Porsche CAYENNE

    Precio: USD 29,630

  6. CAYENNE 2008 Porsche CAYENNE

    Precio: USD 11,920

  7. CAYENNE 2020 Porsche CAYENNE

    Precio: USD 193,360

  8. CAYENNE 2016 Porsche CAYENNE

    Precio: USD 41,200

  9. CAYENNE 2020 Porsche CAYENNE

    Precio: USD 175,553

  10. CAYENNE 2009 Porsche CAYENNE

    Precio: USD 18,991

Do You Know, Porsche Cayenne GTS For Sale Is Developed For Intense Drive Experiences

Like any other Cayenne, the Porsche Cayenne GTS for sale is secured a suitable place in the auto sector as well as used car exporters places. Twin displays flank an analog tachometer in the instrument cluster, the infotainment system, and a touchscreen center console keep things tidy, and the driving position is excellent. On the road, wind noise is minimal, but tire noise is more noticeable.


Excellent Balance

it supposed to be equipped with the adaptive three-chamber air suspension, which did a better job of marking bumps at highway cruising speeds, but still made us feel some of the bigger pothole ticks on * roads. slow. Sport Plus feels like a step too far in terms of balance between normal and sporty driving. Steering is precise and weighting strikes an excellent balance; Few high-performance SUVs have better steering than a Cayenne; you would have to downsize to an Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio for more alert and precise movement.


There is always some innate Porsche DNA in the Cayenne; Its all-wheel-drive system provides consistent grip, but, if pushed hard enough, the rear can sag off for a cheeky, controllable touch of oversteer before the front wheels push it back on. The driving mode dial on the steering wheel also features a "sporty response" button for 20 seconds of maximum action attitude on the Cayenne, ideal for overtaking and making the most of some twisting corners.


Possible Specifications In Used Porsche Cayenne Gts For Sale

Fuel tank capacity: 26.4 Gal.

EPA mileage estimates: 16 City / 23 Hwy

Base engine size: 3.6 Liters

Base engine type: V-6

Horsepower: 440 Hp

Horsepower rpm: 6,000

Torque: 443 Lb-Ft.

Torque rpm: 1,600

Maximum towing capacity: 7,716 Lbs.

Drive Type: All-Wheel


Porsche continues to nail the summary of a high-performance SUV, creating something thats fast and has some impressively slick driving characteristics for something that weighs more than two tons. On the move, the most surprising sensation is that of being so connected to the road, which is a vehicle of this mass that is very surprising. The suspension allows a lot of information to reach your hands than with a normal chassis (softer) and the steering has a perfect feel despite being electric. Between all of that and the ubiquitous and miracle-working electronics, a used car buyer can see it as a super subject on the asphalt and give you extra confidence when it comes to raising the brutal pace.


Options include kits such as Porsche ceramic or "surface-coated" brakes, adaptive air suspension, rear-wheel steering, and active stabilization using Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control (PDCC). More intriguing, the Cayenne Coupe GTS can be had with a Lightweight package that moves the sports exhaust system to the center, with two thick pipes instead of the usual four flanking the edges of the rear bumper.


Lots Of Inertia

You do it almost without realizing it to increase the pace since its engine is a delight in lowering and it goes up in laps very easily. Of course, it should always be borne in mind that you are carrying a vehicle that weighs a lot and generates lots of inertia; when it comes to stopping it, you are going to make its braking system work beautifully, perhaps the very sensitive section to an additional dynamic and intense driving.


Besides, the Cayenne SportDesign package with more aggressive bumpers and a fixed rear spoiler (instead of the normal car adaptive) is also standard. Also included are Alcantara interior panels, specific sports seats with fixed head restraints, and brushed aluminum inlays in the dash. a used Porsche Cayenne GTS price payer needs to aware, this car is not as big as the one offered in the first generation, but even so, it is a very worthy engine and that has shown its driver, what it is capable for. Internally, Porsche has did changes to its structure that affect the cylinder control system, direct injection, and also thermal management. And they have also tuned the eight-speed automatic to assure responsive and accelerated drives.

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