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Nissan XTrail For Sale In Uganda

  1. XTRAIL 2003 Nissan XTRAIL

    Precio: USD 1,390

  2. XTRAIL 2006 Nissan XTRAIL

    Precio: USD 1,520

  3. XTRAIL 2008 Nissan XTRAIL

    Precio: USD 1,860

  4. XTRAIL 2006 Nissan XTRAIL

    Precio: USD 1,250

  5. XTRAIL 2008 Nissan XTRAIL

    Precio: USD 2,030

  6. XTRAIL 2012 Nissan XTRAIL

    Precio: USD 3,540

  7. XTRAIL 2003 Nissan XTRAIL

    Precio: USD 1,460

  8. XTRAIL 2003 Nissan XTRAIL

    Precio: USD 1,270

  9. XTRAIL 2005 Nissan XTRAIL

    Precio: USD 1,350

  10. XTRAIL 2006 Nissan XTRAIL

    Precio: USD 1,610

SUV stands for "sports utility vehicle." SUVs like the Nissan XTrail for sale in uganda are for people whose lifestyle goes beyond just daily errands but also includes traveling to the beach in a vehicle packed with surfboards or hiking to an off-road trail in a car carrying a filthy mountain bike on top.

The word "SUV" has, of course, been somewhat overused in today market. The fact that the X-Trail is available in a seven-seat configuration makes it quite an investment. It makes it an intriguing substitute for an MPV and one that Nissan claims may enable a full family to embark on adventures together.

The Nissan XTrail SUV is essentially a bigger version of the Nissan Qashqai. And thanks to its larger body, it may be ordered with an additional set of rear seats as an option. In addition, the Qashqai has just been replaced with a brand-new model that uses hybrid technology.

Nissan has already announced the design of the next X-Trail; it was on exhibit at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show. Nevertheless, Nissan dealers will continue to sell the current model until the new one comes to the country in 2022.



Nissan XTrail SUV Overview (2013-2021)

The Nissan XTrail was one of the first automobiles to compete in the mid-size SUV segment, but the third generation model has stayed up with competitors owing to a redesign in 2017 and changes to the engine lineup in 2019.

The seven-seat SUV rivals include the Kia Sorento, Skoda Kodiaq, SEAT Tarraco, Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace, Hyundai Santa Fe, and Peugeot 5008. They are direct competitors of Nissan X-Trial. And it is predicted that the upcoming model will arrive with hybrid technology.

The X-Trail is a more affordable alternative to high-end SUVs. They are similar to the Audi Q5, BMW X3, Mercedes GLC, and Rover Discovery Sports. It is because of its appearance and respectable off-road performance.

X-Trail is one of the most useful and adaptable SUVs on the market today. Even while it may not be as opulent as these luxury badged competitors, it costs around £10,000 less to purchase and offers better value within its class.




The 1.3-liter gasoline engine can get up to 38.5 mpg while producing 158 horsepower. So if you want to drive the automobile for short trips, then your yearly mileage will be under 12,000 miles.

It is important to remember that the petrol model does not come with four-wheel drive. Instead, the manufacturing company is giving the option to potential buyers an even stronger incentive to seek elsewhere.

Moreover, The sole available engine is a 1.3-liter turbocharged petrol unit paired with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission (there used to be a 1.7-liter diesel as well, but this has been discontinued). Additionally, N-Design is the only well-equipped trim that is still available.



Fuel Economy And Mileage

The 1.3-liter pe

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