Nissan Serena For Sale In Trinidad

  1. SERENA 2011 Nissan SERENA

    Precio: USD 4,699

  2. SERENA 2016 Nissan SERENA

    Precio: USD 13,834

  3. SERENA 2015 Nissan SERENA

    Precio: USD 10,669

  4. SERENA 2019 Nissan SERENA

    Precio: USD 24,407

  5. SERENA 2019 Nissan SERENA

    Precio: USD 24,388

  6. SERENA 2020 Nissan SERENA

    Precio: USD 29,466

  7. SERENA 2012 Nissan SERENA

    Precio: USD 12,398

  8. SERENA 2017 Nissan SERENA

    Precio: USD 19,757

  9. SERENA 2020 Nissan SERENA

    Precio: USD 26,155

  10. SERENA 2012 Nissan SERENA

    Precio: USD 7,233

Nissan Serena For Sale In Trinidad Is A Luxurious And Comfortable Car For Urban Roads

The Nissan Serena for sale in Trinidad is a pacemaker type car that is still the same as before, its typical engine is capable of producing power & engine speed alike its previous generation. Different from before, the innovative Nissan Serena has a trunk door opening that is guaranteed to make it easier for you. All of that is deemed necessary because the luggage feature with two doors will make it easier to pick up or place light items without the need to open the bottom door, making the Nissan Serena different from its rivals.


Luxurious & Pleasent

In addition to the luxurious and comfortable appearance, Serena safety features will also make consumers pleased i.e. Serena is equipped with Nissan Safety Shield Technology, where there are several standard features in it, Dual Front SRS Airbag, then Safety Belt Front Seats Driver &Passanger equipped with 3-Point ELR with pretensioner and load limiter, Anti-lock Breaking System, Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD), and Brake Assist (BA). The engine torque is also quite large, a used car buyer needs to test before pay Nissan Serena price in Trinidad. The engine power is sufficient because a car with a large body can produce quite a lot of power.


its passenger compartment a little higher than in similar models. If necessary, the last two rows of seats, which each accommodate up to three passengers, can be folded down, thus offering greater cargo volume. The passenger compartment of the Serena can be accessed using the two front doors and two rear sliding doors. The large rear hatch allows you to load luggage without problems, even when dealing with bulky objects. The van is equipped with power steering, electric front windows, climate control, central locking with remote control, heated and electrically adjustable mirrors, and additional rear heating.


Precise Specification Of Nissan Serena For Sale In Trinidad

Power: 108kW (145 bhp)

Torque: 210 Nm

CO2 emission: 154 g/km (Manufacturer specs)

Transmission: X-Tronic CVT (A)

Drive Type: Front-wheel drive

Brakes (Front): Ventilated disc

Brakes (Rear): Ventilated disc

Suspension (Front): Independent strut type

Suspension (Rear): Torsion beam type


Used Cars In Trinidad

For used vehicles in Trinidad, "there are series of rules and regulations to follow; some specific ones are being discussed here to have the idea about "how to import" Ford Ranger for Sale in Trinidad. An importer needs to submit the following docs such as Customs Declaration Form (C82 Form) x four copies, T&T Passport, D.P., I.D. (For Personal Use) -or- B.I.R. No. (For Trade), CARICOM Area Invoice, Bill of Lading, Deregistration Certificate, Import Licence, Suppliers Invoice, and Certificate of Origin.


While a professional import needs to submit some additional docs, as well such as the Board of Inland Revenue (BIR) Certificate and C75 or C76 Form for continuous trading. Besides, in the category of "Importer of used RHD motor vehicles for Retail Trade", there is a further specific doc to get clearance i.e. Application, Company Registration Certificate, Vat Registration Certificate and Documentary Evidence of Bond." A used car buyer needs to know, the discussion is an overview; so, the desired car in used car exporter places could be not as loaded as discussed here, specifically; so, it had better consult an auto expert to conclude any final decision.


One more thing is it ProPILOT, this feature is able to move the steering wheel, then the gas pedal, and the brakes automatically. The ProPILOT sensor can maintain a distance from the car on the front, including if you have to stop, this sophisticated system will slow down the car. If there is cruise control, this feature is even greater, because ProPILOT can keep the car in the middle of the lane you are traveling even though it is turning.

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