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Toyota Harrier – Esteemed SUV For Families

  1. HARRIER 2016 Toyota HARRIER

    Precio: USD 22,400

  2. HARRIER 2014 Toyota HARRIER

    Precio: USD 19,570

  3. HARRIER 2017 Toyota HARRIER

    Precio: USD 26,470

  4. HARRIER 2014 Toyota HARRIER

    Precio: USD 21,800

  5. HARRIER 2007 Toyota HARRIER

    Precio: USD 5,870

  6. HARRIER 2014 Toyota HARRIER

    Precio: USD 19,300

  7. HARRIER 2019 Toyota HARRIER

    Precio: USD 29,020

  8. HARRIER 2014 Toyota HARRIER

    Precio: USD 20,320

  9. HARRIER 2014 Toyota HARRIER

    Precio: USD 23,250

  10. HARRIER 2008 Toyota HARRIER

    Precio: USD 8,980

The world-renowned Japanese carmaker makes the midsize SUV of Toyota, namely the Harrier Kawundi. Strongly constructed, it blends the best features of a big SUV with a high-end sedan. However, Harrier Kawundo for sale in Uganda does not have the Toyota insignia, instead sporting a predatory bird motif. In addition to its sporty appearance, this car is based on the RAV4 and Lexus NX chassis. Detailed to perfection, it has high-quality specifications and features that make it a very safe and comfortable motorcycle to ride. The 2.4G, 2.4G Moonroof, 22.4GL Moonroof, and 2.4L Premium trims are all available for this model. A 2.4-liter diesel engine is standard on all models, ensuring superior refinement and top-cruising performance.




The used Toyota Harrier is a well-made vehicle. The actual virtues of this vehicle are its incredible details, tough appearance, comfy cabin, and amazing refinement. It is practical and sophisticated, with no unnecessary frills or gimmicks. Accented design and a forward-leaning quarter pillar give the Harrier a powerful and imposing look. It is unquestionably a space-saving automobile that combines luxury with reassurance. With a 2660-meter wheelbase, the vehicle offers plenty of internal room. Once inside, travelers may breathe a sigh of relief. The inside is more ergonomic than the usual SUV due to the subtle use of high-quality materials. It boasts an excellent fit and finishes, creating a luxurious cabin atmosphere. Five people can fit comfortably in the seats of the vehicle. The 440-liter trunk is well-designed and extensible, allowing you plenty of room for baggage. As a result, it is an excellent pick for a family vehicle.



Internal Roominess

The design of the Toyota Harrier is quite aggressive and edgy, making it popular among Harrier Kawundo dealers in Uganda. The new one has much more angular and sharp lines than the present one. Among the features on the front is a grille that is a little smaller and flanked by thin optical groups with full-LED technology. An eye-catching feature is the big bumper-mounted air inlet, which three smaller ones flank.

The distinguishing features can be observed from the side perspective. We begin with the roof drop, which places it solidly in the SUV Coupe subsegment. The many tensions and lines flow through the body, giving it power and energy. Finally, the glass-to-sheet ratio helps the former but detracts from the sense of openness in its interior. The heart of LED technology is the unification of all its components. A significant portion of the spoiler above the boot lid is devoted to housing the brake light. There is a subtle and stylish bumper to finish it off, too.




The front end of the car has an aggressive appearance to it, and the external style reflects that. The front and rear of the car are equipped with LED lighting. The Toyota Harrier has excellent handling, although it does have a tendency to spin out a bit while cornering. When traveling with five people, highway speed is completely acceptable. The blue lights in the interior come on as soon as you enter the vehicle, which is a pleasant sight to look at.



Exceptional Design Quality

Among the most sought-after SUVs of all time is the Toyota Harrier. It is a huge cruiser with classic details and cutting-edge equipment, making it a well-balanced driving machine. This car has an aggressive attitude and a sturdy frame. Its total dimensions are 4720mm long, 1830mm wide, 1690mm high, and 2660mm wide at the wheels, as determined by measuring index. It is undeniably a functional and space-saving vehicle that provides equal opportunity to enjoy the journey. This interior has a higher level of quality and ergonomics than other SUVs, making it an excellent choice for families. It is a great vehicle for a family outing with plenty of headroom and legroom for all five passengers. Several trims are available, all of which are well-equipped and attractively positioned. The 440 liters of cargo space in the back is more than enough for a large quantity of stuff. Overall, this vehicle is more suited to an urban environment and is thus an excellent choice for a family.



Lucrative Driving Experience

The diesel engine in the Toyota Harrier comes standard with a four-speed automatic gearbox and is a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine. The 221Nm of torque and 160 hp of net power produced by this powerful engine is more than enough to drive this four wheels vehicle. It is a joy to drive because of its well-placed controls. Due to the elevated driving posture, drivers get a better overall view. This car is easy to drive on the road with its light steering and quick controls. The adjustable suspension helps to smooth out bumpy roadways by absorbing them. Additionally, it gets great marks for its fuel efficiency, with an estimated 8.9 km/l. In addition, this SUV is best suited for urban driving, giving a smooth ride.




As far as engines go, the lack of a third Harrier V6 variant is the first thing that comes up. The first two-liter engine of the new generation is undoubtedly its most distinctive characteristic. One thing to keep in mind when it comes to the standard Harrier 3ZR-151 FAE horsepower: It weighs only 10.46 pounds per horsepower, which is less than a pound heavier than the previous generation 2.4-liter 160 horsepower model. An even more powerful hybrid variant - its 2.5-liter petrol engine 2AR-FXE is operating on the Atkinson cycle, with an output capacity of 150 horsepower and an electric motor with a 105-kilowatt output to the front axle and an output capacity of 50 kW to bring back the output of 197 liters of power.

The hybrid vehicle has two driving modes: standard and all-electric. Only the variator is offered as a transmission alternative. Third-generation Harrier suspension has adaptive dampers and an electronic control system that enables the damping characteristics to be changed in real-time based on the preferred driving mode. All of this is done to retain the superb movement stability and its superior braking and cornering capabilities.




Harrier Kawundo price in Uganda begins at $3000, and the car model and condition are important factors in determining the pricing.

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