1. Z3 1997 Bmw Z3

    Precio: USD 8,740

  2. Z3 1998 Bmw Z3

    Precio: USD 7,510

  3. Z3 2002 Bmw Z3

    Precio: USD 6,660

  4. Z3 1998 Bmw Z3

    Precio: USD 6,830

  5. Z3 2000 Bmw Z3

    Precio: USD 20,120

  6. Z3 2001 Bmw Z3

    Precio: USD 4,860

  7. Z3 2000 Bmw Z3

    Precio: USD 5,330

  8. Z3 2001 Bmw Z3

    Precio: USD 12,870

  9. Z3 2001 Bmw Z3

    Precio: USD 4,770

  10. Z3 1999 Bmw Z3

    Precio: USD 5,520

Modern Roadster

Bmw is renowned automobile organization known for its marvelous and luxurious cars across the globe. The cars are relevant and relatable to the consumer lifestyle, tastes and preferences. The corporation is headquartered in Munich, Germany and was established in 1916.

Ever since its inception it has been producing awe inspiring cars and automobile solutions for the valued customers worldwide. The modern roadster is the innovative and fine creation of the bmw group. The rear wheel drive is reasonably priced and is appealing and pleasing to men and women equally. The style statement of the roadster is driving with passion and in style.

Scoring and Rating For Different Aspects

The overall rating of the car is 3.75 stars on the scale of 5. The breakdown of an overall score is: four stars for performance, three stars for handling, three stars for comfort, 3.5 stars for practicality, 3.5 stars for behind the wheel performance, 2.5 stars for safety ailments, four stars for reliability, 3.5 stars for running costs and expenditure, four stars for green credentials, 3.5 stars for buying used or second hand condition bmw z3, 3.5 stars for selling and three stars for equipment.

On Road and Off Road Performance and Handling

The performance excellence is the crucial and important aspect for customers while purchasing. It is one factor that influences the purchase decision to a great extent.  The competent cruiser has the potential for an awesome practicality for both personal and professional use. The suspension system is kept similar to the old and previous models and is quite refined and smooth while functioning.  Handling is made better by providing good grip.

Interior and Exterior Equipment

High quality equipment is fitted and installed in the car and it varies with the diversified trims. The equipment is optional and standard based on consumer requirements. Optional features increases the price of the car but brings uniqueness and customization preferred by certain customers. the equipment includes: automatic brake system, air conditioning system, alarm, alloy wheels, audio remote, colored bumpers, central locking system, seat trims, driver airbags, electric driver’s seat, electric mirrors, electric passenger seat, front electric windows, fog lights, headlight washers, heated mirrors, heated seats, height adjustable option, leathered seats, lumbar support, passenger airbags, side airbags and traction control system.


Comfortable Ride

The ride is joyful and comforting for both driver and passengers. The interior cabin has quietest and cozy environment minimizing excessive exterior and road noises. There are sufficient storage compartments and holders for a relaxing travel experience. Extra storage is an additive feature of BMW Z3 that strikes and improves the rides to longer distances.

Safety and Reliability

Safety is ensured through features such as airbags, child seat, centralized locking system, seat belt, parking sensors and tough overall structure. Due to safety and reliability, many dealers across the globe offer new and used BMW z3 for sale at reasonable prices. Originally few safety specs were fitted but due to ever increasing demand the vehicle has been transformed and made better with every day passing.

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