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malawiMr. Mclonely Kaundama, Malawi, Agent : ​​ N​oureen K​han

January 18, 2018 - Malawi
Mr. Mclonely Kaundama, Malawi, Agent : ​​ N​oureen K​han

Hi Noureen,

My car is finally here. It is really the car that I was dreaming about and I a m happy to start enjoying it.

Thank you for all the support from the beginning to the last day when you called me to confirm if I had received my car. You really know how to make your customers happy. Very shortly I will be coming back to you with an intention of buying another car.

For your information there are no Mini Pajeros here and when colleagues saw it, they were amazed with its splendor and I hope you should be getting a lot of enquiries from here.


McLonely Kaundama,

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