One Place Solution

SBT Offers one place solution to all the customers. Now with SBT you can purchase any vehicles from Europe and From USA by having a single account in SBT.
With SBT you are getting access of bidding and purchasing from all over Europe and USA including auctions by having small security deposit of $1000 in your SBT ACCOUNT.


Amazing Customer Service

SBT assigns Account Manager to each client who will assist throughout the purchase and delivery process. 24/7 customer service is provided by SBT to assist our customers at any point of time.


Auction houses in USA and Germany

We provide bidding access to six auctions houses from USA which includes IAAI, COPART, RICHIE BROS, ADESA and SFLAA.
We provide bidding facility to AUTO1 auction from GERMANY.

Why Choose SBT?
SBT is Global Cars Exporting Company exporting cars to 120 countries. We provide quality cars to our customers all over the world. SBT have 24/7 customer service facility to assist our clients. We do not charge any hidden fee, late payment penalty or other taxes.
Import Policy and Information


The Vehicle should not be more than 10 years old from the year of production; however older units can be imported in Nigeria by paying extra penalty to the customs Note: Nigeria customs calculate duties of the car by its Manufacturing Year.


SBT provides fastest and safest shipment to our valuable clients. Clients can pay either 30%, 50% or 100% payment before shipment and can pay the balance payment as soon BL copy is provided to clients as an evidence of successful shipment.


From USA we provide shipment from New York, Maryland, Florida, Texas and California.

From Europe we have shipments available from HAMBURG, BREMERHAVEN and ANTWERP.

Frequently Asked Questions
How will i pay to SBT
SBT only accepts payments sent via bank using wire transfer to our Main Account in Japan which will be mentioned in Proforma invoice sent by . Customer should print the invoice and take it to the bank for transfer.
What will happen if I pay the deposit and not interested in buying
Deposit sent to SBT is 100% refundable anytime if customer does not want to purchase. Please note that $50 bank charges will be deducted in case of refund.
Why should I pay the deposit before buying?
We need to identify if customer is having honest intentions to purchase from SBT.
What is the minimum deposit required?
Minimum refundable deposit of at least $500 is required to purchase a unit costing lesser than $5,000.
And at least $1,000 is required to purchase a unit costing more than $5000 and lesser than $10,000.
If your desired unit is costing more than $10,000 then deposit should be 10% of total value.
How much SBT charges on my purchase and what are the payment terms before and after the shipment
If you are buying a car lesser than $10,000 then SBT will charge:
$300 if 100% payment is paid upfront.
$500 if 50% payment is paid upfront and remaining 50% balance to be paid after shipment when SBT provides BL copy to client.
$700 if 30% payment is paid upfront and remaining 70% balance to be paid after shipment when SBT provides BL copy to client.

If you are buying a car more than $10,000 then SBT will charge:
10% of buying value if 50% payment is paid upfront and remaining 50% balance to be paid after shipment when SBT provides BL copy to client.
How much penalty SBT will charge if my payment is delayed?
SBT will not charge any penalty in case of late payment. Please note that you should provide proof of payment within 5 days of purchase to your account manager.
Why SBT Charge $300 on my purchase?
SBT charges $300 as fee for providing services which include Purchasing of Vehicle, Port handling charges, Assisting shipping to your country, arranging and sending documents through courier and providing support in your purchasing.
How would i know if my payment has been received in SBT account?
An automated email will be sent to you once your payment is reflected in SBT. Further you can view your payments and purchases by logging into your account in SBT.
Can I have any assistance in clearing cars?
Yes we do provide assistance in custom clearing by referring a clearing agent to you. Please contact your account manager for further details.
The SBT Team
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Our yard inspectors
"Our trained inspectors will thoroughly check your vehicles once they arrive in our yard."
Our auction inspectors
"Our auction inspectors ensure we only purchase top-quality cars."
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