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Extra Information About Importing


We Ship From all Japan Ports to Walvis Bay. Shipping takes approximately 4 to 8 weeks with around 4 ships departing Japan monthly.


Only right-had drive vehicles may be imported into Namibia

Age Restriction

Only model year 2007 and newer vehicles may be imported into Namibia

Documents Required to Clear the Car:

  • 1) Cancellation Certificate [both in Japanese & in English]
  • 2) Bill of Lading [Original 1st & 2nd]
  • 3) Invoice
  • 4) Letter of Authorization [The letter confirming that you are giving legal rights to clearing agent to act on your behalf]
  • 5) ID copy [e.g. own Passport copy]

Clearing Agent at Destination

It is very important that you have a reputable clearing agent to assist you with the import procedures at the destination port. A good clearing agent can not only advise you on import regulations and expected import taxes, but they will be your representative on the ground liaising with the relevant authorities and clearing your car out of the port in the shortest time frame possible. As we regularly transport vehicles to Namibia, Botswana, South Africa and other African countries, we already have a reputable clearing agent in place. Our clearing agent, Logistical Support Services, can deliver the vehicle from the port to Windhoek without any hassle.

Import taxes

Custom Duty approximately 25%, VAT 15%* Tax Rates depends on the type of vehicles. * Please inquire at your local clearing agent for latest updates. It is very important to know what sort of import tax you will pay when importing your car. We strongly advise that you consider this before purchase, as we would not like for our customers to be hit with an unexpected bill. We will not be responsible for the taxes incurred at the Port.

Why SBT ?


Fresh cars directly from Japan

Huge selections:

More than 20,000 units waiting for you. We are the biggest used car exporter


More than 20 years experience in used car industry


Thorough inspection done before shipment

Delivery Services To Namibia

Map Namibia
Main ports: Walvis Bay

-FREIGHT starts from USD 800 (depends on car size)
-TRANSIT TIME from Japan to Walvis Bay is approximately 4 to 8 weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy a car from SBT Japan?
Register on our website, choose the car you like, then click [buy]. Then our sales staff will contact you through telephone or email. Please click here for details
What are the import regulations for Namibia?
Must be RIGHT-HAND DRIVE and not more than 8 years from date of manufacture. 
Where can I pick up the car in Namibia?
Cars can be collected at Walvis Bay. Domestic transport to other destinations such as Windhoek, Oshikango, and Trans-Kalahari can be arranged through Logistical Support Services or your chosen Clearing and Delivery agent. 
What is the payment Condition?
We accept only TT ( Telegraphic transfer via Bank ). And we have only one account to avoid fraud. Read Carefully the instructions about payment.
Can we send payment in Namibian Dollars?
No. We only accept USD or JPY.
How long does it take to ship the car from Japan to Namibia?
Approximately 4 to 8 weeks

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The SBT Team

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"Our trained inspectors will thoroughly check your vehicles once they arrive in our yard."
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"Our auction inspectors ensure we only purchase top-quality cars."

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