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Toyota RunX Car Review: Find Out If It Is The Right One For You!

  1. COROLLA 2020 Toyota COROLLA

    Цена: USD 15,660

  2. COROLLA 1998 Toyota COROLLA

    Цена: USD 1,970

  3. COROLLA 2022 Toyota COROLLA

    Цена: USD 25,250

  4. COROLLA 2005 Toyota COROLLA

    Цена: USD 5,560

  5. COROLLA 2000 Toyota COROLLA

    Цена: USD 9,380

  6. COROLLA 2020 Toyota COROLLA

    Цена: USD 18,570

  7. COROLLA 1998 Toyota COROLLA

    Цена: USD 10,730

  8. COROLLA 2019 Toyota COROLLA

    Цена: USD 18,082

  9. COROLLA 1998 Toyota COROLLA

    Цена: USD 8,330

  10. COROLLA 1999 Toyota COROLLA

    Цена: USD 6,940

The Toyota Corolla RunX is a 9th-generation compact car manufactured by the famous automaker Toyota. The brand is well-known for its reliable and practical cars that meet modern family demands. In 2021, it hit the milestone of selling 50 million corollas over 12 generations. That is something to be truly proud of!

The Toyota Corolla RunX was introduced to the masses in 2001 and remained in production until 2006. It is a five-door hatchback with a sister model called the Toyota Allex. 2002 saw the launch of the three-door hatchback in Europe. However, the Toyota RunX is popular in Asian markets. It has unique front and rear styling with mild updates until it remains in production.

Let us find out everything about the Toyota RunX to help you decide whether it is the right car for your needs.



Toyota Corolla RunX Trims

The Toyota Corolla RunX is available in four trims: Corolla RunX X, Corolla RunX S, Corolla RunX Z, and RunX Z Aero. The base trim comes with a 1500cc 1NZFE engine, while on other trims, you can find a 1800cc engine.

The Corolla RunX has a distinct front grille design which sets it apart from its sister model Allex. Overall, the body is quite similar to the Toyota Vitz, with a thick C-pillar, a sharp-inclined A-pillar, and a heavy side panel design. The Corolla RunX is 1,695mm in width, 4,175mm in length, and 1,470mm in height, making it quite a roomy family car.



Toyota Corolla RunX Specifications

The Toyota RunX is a practical car that meets the needs of modern families. You can find an anti-lock braking system (ABS), driver and passenger airbags, tinted rear glass, and auto windows on all trims.

On the Corolla RunX X, you can find 14-inch steel wheels with the option of alloy wheels, automatic or manual gearbox, a manual air conditioning system, and front and rear skirting.

The RunX S comes with 15-inch steel wheels, whereas the 16-inch alloy wheels are optional. There is also the option of an automatic or manual gearbox and an optional side. You can find optional fog lamps, manual or automatic climate-controlled air conditioning units, and front and rear skirting.

The RunX Z and the RunX Aero models come with 15-inch steel wheels, or optional 16-inch allow wheels. You can find front and rear skirting, an automatic climate-controlled air conditioning system, and an optional side as well. These two trims come with an extra 6-speed manual or an extra 4-speed Tiptronic automatic transmission.



Toyota RunX Interior

The Toyota Corolla RunX is a compact car, but the interior feels premium inside. High-quality plastic and materials are used in the upholstery as well as the dash. The instrument panel is well-placed and well-designed for easy and convenient access and control.

In the center, you will find a CD player stereo and a four-speaker system for audio with multi-function speakers. Below it is large knobs where you can control the air conditioning and other features. The glove compartment is spacious enough for your things, and there are 3 other lidded compartments on the dash where you can keep your phones and sunglasses.

The seats and the legroom leave a lot to be desired. The base of the front seats seems shorter and may not be very comfortable for tall people. The space is also tight in the back seat, but two adults and a child can still fit in comfortably.

Moreover, you have to realize that the Toyota RunX is designed as a compact car, so it is not too great on space. The boot space is limited, and compared to other cars in its class, at 289L, it feels compact. However, you can conveniently store one large suitcase and two medium ones. You can split the rear bench 60/40, which folds onward easily, but it may not be very flat.



Toyota Corolla RunX Exterior

The Corolla RunX is a reasonably designed car with some excellent features. Its exterior styling is similar to some of the older cars sold in Europe. There is no visible Corolla badge, and most trims come with tinted windows. You will find plastic hubcaps on the steel wheels. Overall, the exterior is attractive but basic.

The Corolla RunX is manufactured with high-tensile steel, which improves control in certain places. It is especially smooth on highways and is quite lightweight, with a weight of around 1,080 kg.



Toyota Corolla RunX Performance and Drive

On the base model, you can find a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder petrol engine. You can enjoy a 1.8-liter 4-cylinder engine on the RunX S and RunX Z, which is high-powered and a delight to drive. On the RunX models, you can find a 4-speed automatic as standard, while on the RunX S model, a 6-speed manual is available. The engine and transmission on the base model are quite smooth; however, the performance may be somewhat lower with passengers and cargo loads.

On the other hand, the RunX X trim offers a comfortable drive and good grip. The RunX Z has a sportier feel, so if you are looking for a firmer sports suspension, this is the model you might want to consider. Drivers have good visibility, and handling on all Corolla RunX trims.



Toyota RunX Price in Zambia

The Toyota Corolla RunX is a promising car that has remained popular due to its performance in most Asian markets. You can consider purchasing a used Toyota RunX between USD 1,550 and USD 3,130 in Zambia.

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Toyota Corolla RunX Verdict

Should you buy the Corolla RunX considering the Toyota RunX price in Zambia? Well, the first thing to know is whether you are looking for a similar car. The RunX features a “tall but compact” design philosophy. It offers the most basic styling, features, and specifications.

However, if a used Toyota RunX is what you are looking for to drive your family around, go to work and run errands, then it is a good option. It gives a reasonable performance without comprising too much styling.

The Corolla brand name should be enough to help you decide as it has remained one of the best-selling cars since 1974. It also became the best-selling nameplate in 1997 globally. Its accolades speak for its performance, and there is no doubt that you will not like this performance-packed vehicle.

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