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Toyota Raize- A Phenomenal Leisure Car Best For Everyday Use

  1. RAIZE 2020 Toyota RAIZE

    Price: USD 15,504

  2. RAIZE 2020 Toyota RAIZE

    Price: USD 15,380

  3. RAIZE 2020 Toyota RAIZE

    Price: USD 19,171

  4. RAIZE 2020 Toyota RAIZE

    Price: USD 15,504

  5. RAIZE 2020 Toyota RAIZE

    Price: USD 15,504

  6. RAIZE 2020 Toyota RAIZE

    Price: USD 18,457

  7. RAIZE 2020 Toyota RAIZE

    Price: USD 18,619

  8. RAIZE 2019 Toyota RAIZE

    Price: USD 16,914

  9. RAIZE 2020 Toyota RAIZE

    Price: USD 18,161

  10. RAIZE 2020 Toyota RAIZE

    Price: USD 15,380

Toyota Raize- A Phenomenal Leisure Car Best For Everyday Use

Toyota Raize is a compact automobile that is altogether four meters long. This car is the perfect match for people who wants ample space in the car to load their stuff in and also require an easy to drive compact car. Raize provides leisure, comfort, and the agility that people need for their everyday traveling car.

With the collaboration of Daihatsu Motors, a versatile vehicle came into being with the primary goal of optimizing driving experience through unrivaled performance, safety, and luxury. The body of this car is 3995 x 1695 millimeters which are equipped with 17" tires that helps in developing a sense of stability.

The majority of the Toyota Raize reviews boasts about the abundant luggage capacity which can be maximized by folding the rear seats. The driving experience of the car is outstanding all due to the light-weight body, suspension, stability, fuel efficiency, and comfort.  The name "Raize" is derived by combining the two words rise and raise to signify a vehicle that is made to go forward with a powered system that will stay with you for a longer period of time.

The gear of the car has been enhanced to offer a fuel-efficient smooth acceleration at all speeds. With the smart safety features such as crash avoidance function, Raize can seamlessly detect pedestrians, vehicles, objects and utilize the breaks to avoid any damage or accident.

Toyota s beloved-car subscription provider, that proposed a new user-car relationship, will be included in the new Raize. With the aim of giving young people as many opportunities as possible to enjoy a new car, the Kinto One monthly subscription rate for the new Raize will begin at 39,820 yen (including taxes), covering the Toyota Raize price as well as required expenses such as optional insurance beyond the basic mandatory insurance.

A Combination Of The Mighty Texture Of An SUV And A Compact Passenger Car
Exterior Design

The Raize has a length of 3,995 millimeters and a width of 1,695 millimeters. Despite its small size, the car has a dignified and rugged appearance, thanks to its massive 17-inch tires and protruding fenders, which are typical of SUVs. The car s angled bumper corners and trapezoid lower grille give it a strong and large frontal look, while thin LED headlights and sequential turn lights that appear to flow from the inside to the outside hint at its advanced technologies.

With a total of eight body colors, customers have a wide range of opportunities to choose from. The newly introduced Turquoise Blue Raize emphasizes the dynamic nature of the car. Raize is also available in the two-toned body; further expanding the color range for customers.

Interior Design

The instrument panel on the Raize has been designed to provide an excellent field of view from the driver s seat; the instrument panel s operational elements are on the driver s side, and the gear lever is located so that it can be conveniently controlled with a simple extension of the left hand. The car creates a driving room in this way, allowing the driver to focus entirely on the lane.

The angles of the side-support parts on the front seats have been raised, and the backrest and side pads have been built with varying degrees of firmness. The occupants will feel more supported with this new seat shape.

The car also has plating and red accents in different places to give it a luxurious and playful feel. The seven-inch TFT color LCD monitor and LED digital speedometer are seamlessly integrated, giving the impression of a single screen with a cutting-edge feel. Advanced, exciting, easy, and analog are the four display types available to the consumer.

Ample Storage Space

Offering a huge luggage compartment of 1000 x 865 millimeters with folding rear seats and a movable deck, this car is a must-have for busybodies who stuff their cars.

When the deck board is lowered, the car has a class-leading luggage capacity. The rear seats can be collapsed forward to create a long, flat space capable of carrying long pieces of luggage while the deck board is in a high place. The deck board may also be removed to load houseplants and other tall items, allowing customers to meet a variety of needs.

There is a generous gap of 900 millimeters between the front and rear seats that make up for an abundant space and a seamless, comfortable, and safe riding experience.


This car utilizes MacPherson struts for the front suspension and torsion beams for the rear suspension. The best thing about these suspensions is that they have been redeveloped from the scratch, with updated part positions, optimized shapes, and reduced weight. The standout quality of this car is that quickly neutralizes any impacts or vibrations from the road with minimal roll. 


To achieve the thrill of driving and excellent fuel economy, the Raize combines a 1.0-liter 1KR-VET turbo engine with a D-CVT that integrates a split gear for the first time in a Toyota vehicle. The powertrain delivers the torque of a 1.5-liter engine at a wide range of engine speeds, from low to high, resulting in strong acceleration. In WLTC test cycles*17, the 2WD models achieve 18.6 kilometers per liter, while the 4WD models achieve 17.4 kilometers per liter. You can check out the detailed specifications of used Toyota Raize for sale on our website and get insightful information regarding the car.

D-CVT improves transmission performance by adding split gears to existing CVT belt drives and using both belt and gear drives at high speeds. The gear-ratio range has also been extended to provide strong and smooth acceleration at low speeds while remaining fuel-efficient and quiet at high speeds.

Dynamic Torque Control 4WD is standard on the 4WD models. This mechanism distributes torque to the rear wheels in an optimum manner according to vehicle conditions when accelerating from a stop or driving on slick road surfaces.

  • When chasing a car ahead of you, Adaptive Cruise Control with All Speed Tracking assists you.
  • When it comes to parking, the Smart Panorama Parking Assist system offers voice and picture guidance, as well as steering assistance.
  • Both pedestrians and vehicles can be detected by the Collision Warning and Crash Avoidance Braking functions.
  • When the accelerator is accidentally engaged instead of the brake when parking, the Erroneous Start Prevention Function with braking control (forward and backward) helps to minimize crash damage.






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